Things to Know Before Visiting the Ruins in Talisay City, Negros Occidental

The Ruins in Talisay City
The magnificent Ruins in Talisay
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If you are going to Bacolod, going to the Ruins should definitely be in your checklist or itinerary. Why? Because this structure is filled with rich historical memories which will fascinate you.

During our Bacolod Trip, we visited this place on the first day. It was nighttime already when we got there, and I found it beautiful with the magnificent light putting emphasis of the majestic structure.

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What time should you visit The Ruins? 
Morning will let you see the beauty of the landscape. Sunset with put more glory to the glistening structure. Evening will let you be enchanted by the lights. I personally don't have a preference as to which time to visit the ruins, but the people their highly recommend that you do so in the afternoon just before the sunset. They say that at this point, you will see the structure "sparkle" since it was constructed using cement mixed with egg yolk.

Portraits, paintings and photos in the Ruins
Some portraits and photos inside the Ruins
We got there via taxi from L'Fisher Chalet (read more from an external source) which was a 6km ride, and it sure did give us a headache. Most of the taxi drivers will be charging you a fixed rate (the so-called "kontrata") at P200-P300. In our case, the driver initially wanted P250, but we pleaded. Luckily, he gave in, and we ended up paying P50 less.

Trivia: The taxi meter will only read about P120-P150, so they are really charging you higher than what is normal. But, they say it is just "right" because they won't be getting a passenger when they head back from the ruins.

Oh right, here's another important thing to note: There are no taxi cabs near the place, so it is really difficult to travel back. So, one way to get back is to talk with the people there in the ruins, so they can help you out in getting a taxi. Of course, you need to wait for about 15 minutes before the taxi arrives, and prepare your P200+.

Okay, now, let me share with you some photos my friend Meg Olea took during the tour in the Ruins.
The Ruins
There will be someone who will tell you about the history of the Ruins
When you enter the place, one of the Kuyas there will be telling you about the story behind the Ruins. I won't spoil you, so I won't be sharing anything about it here. So, be sure to check out the place!

And one thing, the guy who shared us the story really gave us a good laugh! He was really good in integrating his jokes as he told us about the Ruins. Definitely, you won't get bored listening to him.

The beautiful landscape of The Ruins

Oh, before I forget, there's an entrance fee for this place: Adults - P60 and Students and Kids - P40 (if you are a student, don't forget to bring in your school ID). Also, if you are riding a car or even a taxi, you will be charged P50 just before you reach the vicinity.

The Ruins Dining Area
The supposedly dining area of the mansion (The Ruins)
So, there you go! I hope this post encouraged you to check the place out. Yes, there are a lot of fees to pay, but it will be worth it!

The Ruins of Talisay City at Night
The Magnificence of The Ruins Captured
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  1. Hope I'd get to visit these places when I go to Bacolod. :)

    1. Thanks Mich! Bacolod is really a nice place contrary to my impression of it. :)

  2. It was just last year when I and my Tita Pet celebrated our birthdays at The Ruins. It was a “Bring-Your-Own-Baon” get together with all other singles friends. Though we were charged for a corkage fee, we were still happy eating at the newly built picnic huts few steps away from the skeleton building. Facilities are indeed improving from year to year. Aside from birthdays, The Ruins is also a good venue for weddings and reunions. Just don’t forget to bring your fully-charged cameras.

    Reminiscing The Ruins -

  3. your not going to gain anything by not sharing.

    1. That's true! Another truth is I can no longer remember the story, so I just putbit that way. ;)


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