Breakfast in L'Fisher Chalet Bacolod

This post is part of the Bacolod Experience Series.

I'm going to share with you my breakfast experience in L'Fisher Chalet (to know more about the hotel, you may view my article about it by clicking on the link)

I had 3 of my breakfasts there. But, unfortunately, I was only able to take pictures of the 2 dishes (out of 3). 
Breakfast Menu of L'Fisher Chalet
Here's the menu for the plated breakfast! You may choose your perfect combination!
Two (2) Complimentary Plated Breakfast Coupons are given once you check in the hotel. But, just in case you are more than 2 in the room, you may have order the same plated breakfast @ P150. Well, not that bad right? (Although, some may consider it rather expensive). 

Now, let's dig in!
Longanisa, Garlic Rice, Pouch Egg and Orange Juice
I've asked the waitress which among the 6 choices (Skinless Chorizo, Corned Beef Sautee, Pork Tocino, Crispy Danggit, Beef Tapa and Longanisa) is mostly preferred by customers, and she mentioned three: the Beef Tapa, Chorizo and Longanisa. Since I trusted her, I chose Longanisa (although, I was really craving for Longanisa that time)

Fortunately, it was not a bad choice. In fact, it was a great choice!

I enjoyed the taste, probably since it resembled the taste of Jollibee's Longanisa (which I really love). There was just a slight difference with the texture, but still, it tasted amazing!
Skinless Chorizo, Garlic Rice, Poach Egg and Pineapple Juice
For the next one: I had the Skinless Chorizo. I don't know if it was just me, but I somehow wasn't able to distinguish the taste well between this and the Longanisa. What I could only remember is that sort of reminded me of a Tocino. But, surely, I also enjoyed this one. And I think, my pineapple juice went well with the Chorizo. Yum!

For the third one, I had the Beef Tapa, which was also amazing! My friends say that they also enjoyed the taste, but didn't enjoy the "toughness" of the meat. But, I guess I got lucky because mine was considerably tender. So, I think it was a matter of luck.

But, for the taste, I encourage you to take the risk! 

So, there you go! This is how great my breakfast experience in L'Fisher Chalet was!
I bet you are now craving for these now. Aren't you?
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