Aida's Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country of Bacolod

Aida's Restaurant - Chicken Inasal

After our adventurous experience in the 7 Falls of Mambukal Resort (read more) and the enriching tour in Balay Negrense, we deserved something great that evening! Of course! We started the day awesome, we wanted to end it with something awesome too.

Since our friend Mika Aurelio knows a lot of good places to eat in Bacolod,  she recommended Aida's in Manokan Country. She said that their Chicken Inasal is one of a kind, and the juiciest ever. And boy, she was right!

Update 10/24/15: I got to visit this place again this 2015, and I am having a slight shift in my views, but anyway, this blog post contains shared viewed from the past and the present.

Interior of Aida's Chicken, Bacolod

The place may be far from elegant, but this is how they roll! And don't just judge this place by its look, because the food is so awesome that you won't be minding anything else. Besides, Mika mentioned that those with the "carinderia-ambiance" in Bacolod are usually the more famous ones and offer better tasting dishes!

Okay, I will not keep you hanging, so here are the great dishes of Aida's Manokan! I'll be sharing with you both my photo last 2012 and this 2015, so you can provide comparison as well.

Aida's Chicken || P80 - Pechopak / Pecho || P75 - Paa || P65 - Pakpak
Aida's Chicken Inasal 2012

Aida's Chicken Inasal - 2015

This dish was highly notable because of its juiciness and remarkable taste! The juice together with the oil used to zest up the chicken produced great combination of flavors. Now, to enhance your dining experience further, pair up your chicken with the famous great-tasting garlic rice valued at P30. In case you are not fond of garlic rice, you may opt to order up a plain rice to along with it at P18.

Trivia: Prices increased by an average of P10 from my last visit in 2012.

Aida's Pork Barbeque (BBQ)
Tired of chicken? Well try their Pork BBQ or their special Chorizo!
If you will travel to Bacolod, you may already get tired of having chicken inasal after a few days. So, you might as well try to go with some pork. This dish (Pork BBQ @ P30 per stick) offers the same great taste of Bacolod Inasal, only it's pork. As an alternative, you may opt for the Chorizo Balls valued at P25 per stick. 

Steamed Fresh Oysters || P50

My friend Troy Palanca was craving for some oysters, so he ordered the dish for sharing. The taste was pretty much within our expectation (same great taste). But, what was surprising was the price! Will you believe that this dish (photo above) just costed us P50? Amazing right?

These are basically what we had during the night! But, before I end this post, I would like to share with you our group picture last 2012 just outside the Manokan Country:

Tummy-filled kids in Manokan Country!
And here is our most recent visit this 2015:
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Aida's Chicken Manokan

We had an awesome time! So, you better check this place out once you get the opportunity. Delicioso!

Aida's Chicken- Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P150 each for an own serving of chicken and rice plus oysters for group of 3-4

Overall, I would say that Aida's Chicken is indeed a great restaurant to visit. It serves amazing Bacolod delights that really brush well on the palate. The place definitely deserves its popularity, but just in case you are wondering about the "other" restaurants here in Manokan Country, I dedicated a blog post that provides some comparison. You may want to read it here: Aida's Chicken versus Others in Manokan Country

Aida's Chicken - Manokan Country
Fr. M. Ferrero St., Nenas Rose II, Bacolod City 6100
(034) 433 8727
Sun-Sat 7:30am–3am

Aida's Chicken Makati Branch
Lower Ground Floor, Pasong Tamo, Makati City
(02) 994 9605

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Yup, the people from Aida's admitted that their branch in Bacolod is way better than in Makati. :)

  2. wow. bigla akong nagutom. sana makapunta din ako diyan soon. :)

  3. Haha! Yup, you won't regret trying their Chicken there. :)


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