Thank God It's Friday's (TGIF) on a Fine Sunday

I only got the time to write this now because of a busy week. Anyway, this happened after we passed by the Toy Expo 2012 (read about this event by clicking on the link). We were so famished that time that we immediately sought for something to eat (yes, it was dinner time that time).

Since almost every restaurants were jam-packed, we ended up eating in the place where we often eat out - Friday's!
TGIF in Mall of Asia
TGIF in Mall of Asia
TGIF (Friday's) in Mall of Asia
Cool American "Artifcacs"
Even if I was able to try Friday's quite some time already, I still thought that posting about it here will be pretty much awesome! Okay, now, I'll spare you the talking reading. Let's order up! (Note: for the complete TGIF Menu including the prices, you may check this one out: TGIF Menu)
TGIF (Friday's) Menu
Oh, there you go - the menu!

The first order to come was the Gold Medalist (P185). (Duh! Is there anything or anyone that comes second yet get a gold medal for it?)
Gold Medalist of Friday's
Gold Medalist of Friday's
What I was able to take note of this beverage was its sweet blend of strawberries and bananas. Although, it might get too sweet at times.

Next one up was my sister's order - the classic Jack Daniel's Chicken (P395).
Jack Daniel's Chicken of Friday's
Jack Daniel's Chicken of Friday's
 Hey, do you know what I practically like about this dish? Well, it's the Jack Daniel's Sauce. I'm sure my sister enjoyed this dish. 'Cuz, well, I did when I stole some bites from her!

Next in line was this awesome dish - Jack Daniel's Salmon (P785). My mom and dad shared for this dish, how sweet! Yup, this order is good for two, with some extra rice of course for some extra carbs.

Jack Daniel's Salmon of Friday's
This one is all new and a must try!
Here comes the sauce again! Anyway, I took (not necessarily stole) a bite from my mom's portion, and it tasted pretty good. It was nicely cooked - tender and yummy! 

The next dish was the Chicken Fingers (P295) which was a "free for all" one or let's just say a "spare dish" just in case our own orders weren't able to keep us full. And yes, it was literally free - a freebie from my mom's Bistro Card. Apart from the 20% discount, she was also given some coupon containing free dishes from all the restaurants included in the "group". You may get this at P1500
Friday's Chicken Fingers
Some delicious fries to go with the chicken fingers. 
 Now, for my dish (and also my brother's, since we ordered the "to share" serving), it was no other than Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom (P595)!
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom of Friday's
Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom of Friday's
Actually, what really made me choose this dish were the mushrooms. They tasted so good with all those breading and sauce.

Oh, we also ordered up some additional mashed potatoes as an add-on for the Mushroom Chicken.
Friday's Mashed Potatoes
The unique mashed potatoes of Friday's
Frankly, I'm not a big fan of mashed potatoes. But, if you'll ask me to eat one up, I won't, unless it's Friday's. I don't know. Maybe I like how the potato skin blends with the taste of the potato and all the other ingredients. Yes, I'm not kidding. I only eat mashed potato when it's Friday's.

So, everything is served. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Thank God It's Friday's
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  1. Haven't been to TGI Friday's for more than a year. I want to try the mashed potatoes. I'm a huge fan of potatoes!

    1. Wow! My siblings and I really enjoy the food here, that's why we often consider dining out here.

      Thanks for dropping by Michy! :)


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