Lustre Pavilion - Private Swimming Resort in Bulacan

Lustre Pavilion Abangan Norte Bulacan
Last summer in 2012, we had our family get-together in Lustre Pavillion located in Sarmiento Homes, Abangan Norte, Bulacan.

The rent price was Php6,500 (and may still be negotiable). And I think it was worth it since we won't be minding "strangers" unlike other swimming places. Yup, it's a private swimming place! :)

I could say that the place was nice and suitable for family reunion and get-together. It has a medium sized pool, a gazebo, some small cottages and a small function area.

Actually, I made an article about Lustre Pavilion, you may check it out Lustre Pavilion Swimming Resort.  (This article explores more of the place, so I suggest you take a look at it)
The fun part is, I placed a mini-quiz at the end of the article that will help you in assessing whether Lustre Pavilion is a good place that fits your criteria.

But in case you want to take it now, here it is!

Here are some more pictures of the place:
Lustre Pavilion Private Swimming Pool in Bulacan
Lustre Pavilion Private Swimming Pool in Bulacan

Now, here are some of our pictures while enjoying the place:

Cool picture of the leaf right? Yeah! That's because my name's on it.

I was just bored during the time I took this photo. (The sun was too hot, that I didn't take the risk). I decided to just enjoy the shade of the Gazebo, take some shots of random stuff. And that was it! By the time I was finished doing random stuff, the sun already toned down. It was time for some splashing!

Now, here's something funny. I tried doing the photoshop trick, but I kind of fail on this. Anyway, I just want to share this photo even if it was a failure. Cool, right! It is as if I have my twin.

But, I think I managed to make it appear real. I don't know. I just can sense that there's something wrong with the photo.

Okay, here's a photo of me and my sister. I think vanity struck again!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the things I shared to you!

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