A Lunch Bonding with My Mom in Alba Restaurante Español

This is the marvelous place!
Today I had my awesome lunch bonding with my super great Mom! We had a sumptuous lunch buffet in Alba Restaurante Español in Bel-Air Makati. As we delighted ourselves with the food, we also had some chit-chat about my nearing MOD2 and some other stuff about (and vice versa). Yeah, it was pretty cool to spend some quality time with my mom!

Okay. So moving on. I really had an amazing time in the restaurant. And since I really like Spanish Culture so much,  I enjoyed almost every there (i.e. the ambiance, the music and of course, the food!).

Here are my favorites among all the food served in the Spanish Lunch Buffet (sorry, I wasn't able to recall the exact names, [what kind of a blogger, am I? a lazy one]):

  • The Unbeatable Lengua 
  • Their Paella
  • Fish with Mango Sauce 
  • The Chocolate Truffle Tart Dessert
  • The Canonigo (yum yum!)
And sorry, I wasn't able to bring a camera with me which means I won't be able to share any pictures (awww), except the one up there (which I only grabbed, *evil grin*). But don't worry, I really regret not bringing the camera because this means I wouldn't have any remembrance of this awesome bonding I had with my mom. Luckily though, on our way home, I had this brilliant idea -- to blog about it! That way, I can preserve the memory here. 

Anyway, the reason I posted it here is because I really had a fantastic time with my mom, and that I realized that we should be spending more time with our parents (well, for this instance, with our moms). It's not only during Mother's Day (which reminds me of my article 20 Things To Do For Mom on Mother's Day) that we should be spending some special time with our mothers. Make everyday a Mother's Day for them by making them feel that they are really appreciated, loved and cared for

As I end this blog entry, I encourage you to spend some time with your mom and bond together. You'll definitely feel RIGHT

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  1. Hope I can drop by there sometime next week :-bd nice entry! http://nigereyes.tumblr.com

  2. @michy Yup! It was really good. I was just lousy about all the necessary details like the price of the buffet. If I can remember it right, it's about Php650. But we had a voucher from Deal Grocer. So, it was cheaper. Haha!

    @Nigel I really appreciate your comments. Haha! You have a nice blog yourself.


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