Sunae's Southeast Asian Delights in One Bonifacio High Street

Sunae's Southeast Asian Delights in One Bonifacio High Street

I recently discovered Sunae early 2023 when I attended the launching of Carmen's Best kiosk, which will also be set-up in this restaurant. From there, I got a preview of what is offered here in Sunae, which I'll be sharing in this blog post.

Sunae Restaurant, Southeast Asian Cuisine in BGC

Where is Sunae located?
It's funny how despite my multiple visits in One Bonifacio High Street, it was my first time seeing Sunae. This is probably attributable to its location, which is somehow tucked within the 2/F viewing deck of the said mall. Given this, we may somehow say that Sunae qualifies as a hole-in-the-wall, and this adds to its charm as a very cozy hideout.

Interior of Sunae Restaurant in BGC

Anyway, here's a more elaborate instruction to help you locate Sunae. If you are familiar with Because Coffee, which I'm sure that you do. Take the escalator right before the mall entrance near that coffee shop. It shall bring you up to La Picara. Walk further forward, and take a left turn where you'd eventually see Sunae. 

Ethnic feels in Sunae's Interior, BGC

The interior is characterized by a combination of ethnic and modern elements, and hence there is an abundance of wooden texture around the place. Even the serving plates are commonly wood reinforcing the theme and ambiance of the place. 

Sunae Restaurant in One Bonifacio High Street, BGC

What's the inspiration behind Sunae? 
I got intrigued, so I asked the same thing to one of the people there. She shared that Sunae is a celebration of Southeast Asian cuisine - generally a mixture of Indonesian, Filipino, Vietnamese and Thai inspirations. 

The name of the restaurant is derived from the chef herself, Christina Sunae. 

Adobo Pao by Christina Sunae, BGC

*Prices shared are as of January 2023. 

Okay, let's begin the exploration starting with the Adobo Pao (P250). It's pork Adobo, cucumber, kimchi, aioli, cilantro nestled in between this savory and soft Asian bun. It's an excellent started. Very reminiscent of a familiar flavor but altogether new.  

Salt and Pepper Calamari of Sunae, BGC
Deep fried baby squid, bell peppers, ginger, szechuan pepper, sweet chili sauce

The Salt and Pepper Calamari (P420) is a general staple and a classic. What makes this stand out is the sweet and sour dip that comes with it accentuating the crispy squid.  

Fried Wontons of Sunae Restaurant, One Bonifacio High Street

The Fried Wontons (P220) is another fun classic, but has a richer flavor as you take a crunchy bite. It is also served with the same sauce as the squid, and it pairs well with the wontons. 

Tiger Crackers with Tofu and Rice Noodles of Sunae Restaurant
Crispy rice crackers, fried tofu, rice noodles, hoisin peanut sauce, sriracha, fresh herbs

This Tiger Crackers with Tofu and Rice Noodles (P220) is an interesting piece. Not only is it surprisingly affordable, it's also palatably intriguing. You start of with a soft crunch from the cracker and the greens, followed by this delicate softness from the noodles where a combination of peanuty-savory taste explodes, as you near the core you'd get more texture and flavors from the fried tofu. 

This is great for someone who likes to experience something different, yet good.

Carmen's Best available in Sunae Restaurant, BGC, Taguig City

Another thing that might make you more interested with Sunae is that you can now get the indulgent ice cream of Carmen's Best here. I dedicated a separate blog post to talk more about the 3 different flavors you can enjoy here. Please do read it here: 3 Unique Flavors of Carmen's Best Available at Sunae, BGC.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

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