3 Unique Flavors of Carmen's Best Available at Sunae, BGC

3 Unique Flavors of Carmen's Best Available at Sunae, BGC

Carmen's Best is bringing three (3) unique Southeast Asian flavors closer to our workplace thru this partnership with Sunae, located in One Bonifacio Street, BGC. Beginning February 1, 2023, we now have more options where we can grab a comforting cup of their luscious ice cream. To make things further interesting, Carmen's Best handpicked three unique flavors that match the cuisine and flavor profile of Sunae: (1) real macapuno, (2) vietnamese coffee and (3) kakigori.

Read more about the restaurant here - Sunae's Southeast Asian Delights in One Bonifacio High Street

Sunae Restaurant in One Bonifacio Street (OBS), BGC

Where is Sunae specifically located?
Sunae is located in the 2/F viewing deck of One Bonifacio High Street. If you are familiar with Because Coffee, which I'm sure that you do. Take the escalator right before the mall entrance near that coffee shop. It shall bring you up to La Picara. Walk further forward, and take a left turn where you'd eventually see Sunae. 

Do I have to dine-in and order them by scoop?
Not necessarily. There is a kiosk inside Sunae where you can buy cups or pints that you can bring home. 

Carmen's Best now available in Sunae, BGC

Are all flavors of Carmen's Best available in Sunae? 
Unfortunately no. Sunae currently serves three (3) flavors that were personally handpicked by Jaime Magsaysay, the Retail Channel Head of Carmen’s Best and also family member of the minds that brought life to this iconic dessert. All of these blend well with the collection of dishes served here in Sunae, which is why you may also dine-in and end your meal with a delightful cup of Carmen's Best. 

Alright, speaking of the three flavors, let's get to know them up close.

Carmen's Best Available Flavors in Sunae MNL

Real Macapuno
Coconut-based ice cream made with coconut cream and real macapuno bits
This flavor leans in more to the sweet side yet still delivers an immense comfort from its ultra-creaminess. There is a generous inclusion of macapuno bits that you'd get to have this playful texture from every scoop. 

I highly recommend this for those who love Razon's halo-halo, or those who love gata (coconut cream). 

Carmen's Best Real Macapuno Ice Cream

Vietnamese Coffee
Coffee-based ice cream made with Vietnamese coffee beans that has a stronger coffee flavor but is sweeter
This flavor has a generally balanced sweetness marked with a bold coffee flavor. It is as straightforward as that, and because it's balanced, Vietnamese Coffee is one of the flavors of Carmen's Best where you can consume more that usual (one more scoop, please!). 

I personally recommend this for coffee lovers, or those who want to stay awake late in the wee hours of the morning as you finish up more K-Drama or any series from Netflix.

Carmen's Best Vietnamese Coffee Flavor Ice Cream

Made with authentic Japanese green tea, Azuki beans and condensed milk. This flavor exudes a strong taste with a tinge of bitterness mixed with sweetness
This flavor is something that people might either "definitely like" or "definitely dislike", such that it will create a huge divide. The taste is well-refined yet strikingly defined giving it full green tea boldness with crisp red beans that explodes in the mouth as it cracks open. Thankfully, I'm on the "definitely like" side, and in fact, this is what I liked most among the three.

I personally recommend this for matcha-lovers, or for those who want textures in their ice cream.  

Carmen's Best Kakigori Green Tea Ice Cream

Carmen's Best is now closer to where you work, so you can drop by before you go home. Try the three different Southeast Asian flavors of Carmen's Best and let me know whether you agree or disagree with my notes on these flavors! Grab them in Sunae, One Bonifacio High Street, BGC. 

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