Greyhound Cafe's Specialized Seafood Menu in Mall of Asia

Greyhound Cafe's Specialized Seafood Menu in MOA

As shared in my earlier posts, Greyhound Cafe just landed here in the Philippines, and it has now built up its second branch in Mall of Asia (MOA). It is Greyhound Cafe's dream to share the bountiful goodness of modern Thai cuisine, but at the same time drive innovation by offering unique menu selection per branch. This gives us diners the reason to do branch hopping in multiple Greyhound Cafe that is set to be launched this 2022 and beyond. 

For the MOA branch, given it's seaside grandeur, Greyhound Cafe chose to offer a specialized seafood menu, and we will be covering that one in this blog post.

Interior of Greyhound Cafe in Mall of Asia

A Sunnier and More Ecstatic Vibe
The great thing about Greyhound Cafe is that they want each of its branch to stand out and be distinct. This is why each has a well-curated concept from the interior all the way to the additional specialized menu. Given that MOA is known for its seaside touristy vibe, the minds behind Greyhound opted to showcase this through the elements of its design. 

Interior of Greyhound Cafe in Mall of Asia

Of course, the core elements of Greyhound Cafe are still present, and there is still coherence when you compare your visual experience with other branches. One of these elements include this tiled bar countertop, which is iconically Greyhound.

Greyhound Cafe - Mall of Asia Branch

Okay, I'll no longer stall, and go straight to some of the interesting items you'll find in this branch's specialized menu. Let's start of with this tantalizing appetizer, Crablets in the Basket (P350). It comes with a hefty serving of the crablets with generous chili dipping sauce on the side. Undeniably crunchy and rich! 

Crablets in the Basket of Greyhound Cafe

Although the next dish is something you'd still find in other branches, this Tom Yum is simply fitting in the theme. It has loads of seafood in it - clams, squid, shrimp and scallops. Plus, for mushroom lovers, you'll definitely enjoy this very much. Just take a look at the photo and see for yourself. 

Greyhound Cafe's Tom Yum (Philippines)

Next one up, we have this Sexy Crab (P1,850). It features this freshly caught mud crab and crab roes that are specially sourced from The Visayan Sea. It is then stewed in fresh coconut milk and Thai herb giving it a top-notch Thai-seafood experience! 

Greyhound Cafe's Sexy Crab - Mall of Asia

They also have this dish called Fried Red (P1,899) which is a deep fried red snapper. It comes with green mango and apple salad, along with the sweet tamarind sauce. 

Fried Red of Greyhound Cafe, Mall of Asia

Personal Tip: Order Greyhound Cafe's chili rice as this goes perfectly with all the seafood dishes here in this branch. It does not take away the attention from the dishes, but rather enhances them further to give you that "ooh-la-la" mouthful experience.

Greyhound Cafe's Chili Rice

The Prawn Maritess (P2,700) is for me the highlight in the entire specialized seafood selection here in the MOA branch. These prawns were gigantic, and explodes with seafood goodness on each bite. The sauce was all balanced with its chili-buttery tone. 

Personal Tip: Once you open the shell-like skin of the prawn, drench it with the sauce. You surely would want more of the sauce because it fully realizes the goodness of the pranws. 

Prawn Maritess of Greyhound Cafe, Mall of Asia

To cap it all off and to also celebrate the sunny vibe this branch, we had this Hola Banana (P390) -- saba banana fritter in shredded coconut batter. It also comes with ube ice cream (yuuuum!), mango sauce and chocolate sauce. You can customize your experience by trying various combination. Dip first in ube, then chocolate, then mango sauce? Why not? 

Hola Banana Dessert of Greyhound Cafe, Mall of Asia

There you go! These were just some of the dishes you can explore here in this branch, but there are about 5-6 others that were not featured here, so there are still many for you to discover. Enjoy!

Visit this branch of Greyhound Cafe for an ultimate seafood Thai experience! 

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