Don Pepe's Hot Tablia Chocolate Drink

Don Pepe's Hot Tablea Chocolate Drink
When we speak of tablia (or sometimes spelled as tablea), what normally comes to mind is a place far away from the city. Personally, whenever I hear the word, it is Baguio that immediately comes to my mind. This explains why I developed a notion that tablia drinks are difficult to access. Surprisingly, this is not the case because it is fairly easy to get your hands on some delicious and authentic tablia chocolate drink. All thanks to Don Pepe's Tablia
Don Pepe Original Tablia Drink
About Don Pepe Tablia
Don Pepe Tablia is one of the leading Tablia distributors in the country, and they are providing delicious tablia drinks for almost 15 years now since 2007. 

Don Pepe envisions to bring delight to everyone with its luscious chocolate tablia products. Hence the primary inspiration behind Don Pepe Tablia is to make its tablia chocolate convenient and accessible to all Filipino families. Through its products, cooking and baking also becomes even simpler yet more extra. Thinking of making a champorado? Well, that is now made easier with Don Pepe's Dark chocolate tablia. 

Tablia Drinks of Don Pepe available in Shopee and Lazada

For those who want to have a very energizing morning (or have an afternoon boost), the Original Tablia 3 in 1 is what I recommend. It takes only about a minute, and you'd instantly get a sip of Don Pepe's crafty tablia.

One sachet of the Original Tablia 3 in 1 weighs 15g, composed of organic cocoa, creamer and sugar

Sachet of Don Pepe Original Tablia 3 in 1

For those who want a deep chocolate goodness with a bit of bitterness from the richness of cocoa, you'd love Don Pepe's Dark Chocolate Tablia. This is also the better option if you plan to use it as a baking ingredient. 

What I personally love about this drink is the thickness of the drink that goes along with its milder sweetness. I also mix a few coffee granules to it whenever I feel like having some caffeine in the morning.

Don Pepe Tablia Dark Chocolate Sachet

Tip: If you prefer a thicker consistency, pour only about 200 ml of water instead of 250 ml. 

Don Pepe Tablia Dark Chocolate in a Cup
Indulge on the chocolate goodness of Don Pepe Tablea Chocolate Drink. You can conveniently order these from Shopee or Lazada, and they will be delivered at the comfort of your home. Imagine sipping a hot (or cold, depending on your preference) chocolate drink as you indulge on the flavors.

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