House of Birria's Premium and Authentic Beef Tacos

House of Birria's Premium and Authentic Beef Tacos

Authentic Mexican comfort food sounds like an impossible dream here in the Metro, but fortunately it isn't, especially that we now have House of Birria serving up their explosively delicious tacos, ready to be delivered right on our doorsteps.

House of Birria's Authentic Premium Beef Taco

It was my younger brother who had this sent to our home on my birthday. He wanted us to try something refreshingly different. He already tried this before, so he was confident that we'll love it, and he was right. So right. 

As soon as we opened the package, my heart leapt (or my stomach growled, I was too distracted). The aroma wafted through the room, and I wanted to dig in right then. However, I held off the urge, so that I can snap a photo and share with you here (though, I won't be able to share the real thing). 

The House of Birria's Premium Beef Taco - a must try!

The taco looks so much alive and vibrant with such freshness. Once you take a bite, you'll get to indulge on the meat which was rightfully spiced giving it this juicy savory taste. The shell (which is halfway to being breadish, yet still magically crisp) balances the meatiness along with the salsa and greens. Another good thing about the taco is how it was able to retain its relative crispness despite being in the road for delivery.

The glorious taco of House of Birria - so good!

It also came with this dipping sauce that served as the "heart" of this dish. It what made it even more special, exponentially raising the experience. 

Now you may ask, how do you suppose to eat it? The answer -- in the most messy way possible, so long as you enjoy the taco in all its glory. Let it drip. Let it all be messy because that is how you can get the best out of it! 

Dipping sauce of premium beef taco - House of Birria

Not yet convinced? Well, I don't know what else will. So, if you feel like tasting this delicious invention, you may check them out via their IG page, which I am putting down below for your reference.

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