Torimomo's Katsu + Home-Cooked Japanese Curry Sauce

Torimomo's Katsu + Home-Cooked Japanese Curry Sauce

While it's fairly easy to order katsu curry online, you'll notice that there may be huge difference in price for the katsu without the curry and for one that has one. Also, others may have katsu but not have any offering for curry. This is the case for Torimomo which currently does not serve curry dishes.

In this blog post, I'll be sharing how we re-created Torimomo's katsu to be a curry katsu

Torimomo's Tonkatsu

Torimomo's Tonkatsu costs around P224 as of this writing, and considering the price, you'll be getting a decent serving size for it (see both photos above and below for reference). Despite being delivered (with the moisture being enclosed), the tonkatsu was able to retain their crispiness. This enhanced the experience and made the curry sauce seep well into the batter giving a wonderful curry experience! 

Torimomo's Tonkatsu - Japanese Dish

As for the curry sauce, what we did was to prepare it at home We were able to purchase this curry mix (see photo below) which makes it very easy to cook curry sauce at home. All you need to do is to cut some veggies ahead such as carrots, onions and potatoes (since the vegetable included will not be sufficient). The curry mix comes in cubes (similar to Knorr), and you'll just need to melt it in a pan with simmering water. Toss in the veggies as it simmer further. Then, it's ready. Pour it over the tonkatsu, and you now have a curry katsu dish! 

By the way, this curry mix can be found in grocery stores, but we got ours in Landers. 

Curry Sauce with Vegetable

The resulting combination was perfect! The experience is already similar to those found in restaurants we frequented before. Actually, this is already the second time we did this, and we'll be doing more of this in the future.

Torimomo Katsu made as Curry Katsu

Curry cravings satisfied! Of course you have the option to cook the katsu at home, but it can be difficult to replicate those found in the restaurants. This is why we opted to source the katsu elsewhere and just prepare the curry at home. Try it! 

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