Wok From Home's Authentic Chinese Comfort Dishes - Delivery

Wok From Home's Authentic Chinese Comfort Dishes - Delivery

Looking for some authentic satisfying Chinese cuisine that is easy on the pocket? Search no more because Wok From Home is here to provide that to you. 

Wok From Home Online Food Business

The touching story behind Wok From Home
I got curious about inspiration behind Wok From Home, and I came across this statement: 

"The global pandemic we are facing today forced many restaurants to shut down, causing many cooks, service crews, and food drivers to become unemployed. This is the reason why we thought of setting up a restaurant to give new opportunities to cooks, service crews, and riders alike for them to start afresh with Wok from Home."

Wok From Home - King Szechuan Chicken

I have a major inclination toward businesses with deeply-rooted advocacy or principles, and it just warms my heart hearing this. Imagine the lives that you are able to help just by enjoying the dishes.

Anyway, for this experience, I was able to have 4 of their dishes.

Wok From Home - King Szechuan Chicken

King Szechuan Chicken (P210) - rich, savory, sweet-spicy szechuan sauce that seeps within the chicken meat making it quite enjoyable. Just let the photo above speak. It literally sparkles.

Ahma's Meatballs w/ Sweet and Sour Sauce

Ahma's Meatballs w/ Sweet and Sour Sauce (P190) - meaty yet tender meatball that is authentically Chinese with the subtle herb accents. This goes well with the sweet and sour sauce that are just so generous! Douse your rice with it, and you're good to go!

Wok From Home - Ahma's Maki (Soup with Pork)

Ahma's Maki (P175) - Thick hearty soup with mellow thickness that instantly soothes the palate and the senses. As someone with Chinese heritage, I just love how this is so comforting and refreshing both at the same time. Hopefully, they'll give an option to have noodles to go with this. I can imagine how great that combination will be! 

Wok From Home - Chef's Yang Chow Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Chef's Yang Chow (P155) - restaurant-quality with its umami-rich goodness. This reminds me of the ones we usually have during banquet dinners for huge celebrations. Best of all, this rice compliments the flavors of other dishes here. 

Wok From Home Delivery Contact Number - Metro Manila

Order now and satisfy your Chinese comfort food cravings! You may call them at 09610838718 for orders. Wok From Home is ready to serve from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesdays to Sundays. 

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