Buddha Bar’s “Game of Easter” – a celebration of Easter

Buddha Bar’s “Game of Easter” – a celebration of Easter

Buddha Bar Manila surprises again with the recent conclusion of its special Easter celebration called “Game of Easter”. Kids and kids-at-heart all came together to bask under the Game of Thrones-inspired theme of the event. Let’s take a look at what happened during the awesome celebration! 

Buddha Bar Manila, Makati City

The entire interior of Buddha Bar was transformed to sensationalize the Game of Thrones theme. There were paper dragons hanging.

Grand staircase of Buddha Bar Manila
Game of Easter -- egg hunting in Buddha Bar Manila

Music selection was carefully selected to mimic a medieval feel. On top of it all, they had the famous throne right at the center.

Renz Cheng in Buddha Bar, Game of Easter

A joyous celebration for the kids
The venue despite the "dark" theme was filled with immense joy from all the children running around, and actively participating in the games. You could hear their laughter, giggles and occasional screams. It was no doubt all the kids were entertained and enjoying the program. For parents (though I am not one), I can feel their "shared" happiness. After all, normal parents will feel happy when their kids are.

Game of Easter in Buddha Bar Manila
Prizes for the kids during Easter egg hunt - Buddha Bar

No kid left Buddha Bar without any prize, so it was a fantastic time for them. Plus, they were further entertained by a puppet show and balloon tricks.

Of course, all the kids-at-heart were "entertained" with the buffet spread. There were different kinds of rolls/maki, kimchi dumplings, cheese sticks and salad for appetizer.

Sushi rolls in Buddha Bar Manila
Maki rolls in Buddha Bar Manila

To be in sync with the theme of Easter, they also have some egg dishes to choose from.

Colored eggs for Easter - Buddha Bar Manila

For the main dishes, they served steaks, chicken parmigiana, fish in tousi sauce and grilled meat.

Slicing steak in Buddha Bar Manila
Outdoor barbecue grill in Buddha Bar Manila

The Game of Thrones (GoT) theme didn't just cover the ambiance and the interior. They further reinforced it by incorporating the theme into the food, particularly the desserts. Below is a portion of the huge chocolate cake that forms the map of GoT.

Game of Thrones Desserts - Buddha Bar Manila
Game of Thrones Desserts - Buddha Bar Manila

Kids and the kids-at-year (literally everyone) had fun during Buddha Bar's Game of Easter. It was a day full of celebration which made me realize that Buddha Bar really knows how to make an occasion epic!

Planning to also host your own event? A birthday celebration, perhaps? Well, Buddha Bar Manila can definitely fulfill that. For inquiries/reservations, you may contact them at 8566719, 8566859, or 09989833918. 

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