20+ Restaurants in Pitstop Foodpark of Quezon City

Pitstop Food Park Adventures in the North

Pitstop is one of the new food parks in the North, and there are currently more than 20 food stalls found inside. Given the number, you will certainly face lots of interesting options on cuisines to enjoy -- Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American and others in-between.

Interior of Pitstop Foodpark in Quezon City

Sporty yet chill
Given by its name, Pitstop is inspired by cars and sports revolving around 'em. This explains the garage-like feel and the presence of street signs embedded in the design. At first, the place seems bare, but that is because most of the seats are located in the upper level. This is to give space for foodies to freely browse around.

Interior of Pitstop Foodpark

20+ restaurants - diversity of flavors!
With more than 20 restaurants, we foodies are definitely in for a treat. Most of the dishes we crave for can be found here in Pitstop -- ramen, pastra, pizza, dimsum, sushi, wagyu cubes, ice cream, cakes and a whole lot more!

Pitstop Food Park in Congressional Road

Anyway, to guide you, here's the list of food stalls you'll encounter here in Pitstop Foodpark.

1. Nori Sushi x Burrito 
Nori Sushi x Burrito  - Pitstop Foodpark

Nori Sushi x Burrito offers a fantastic snack experience by combining concepts from Japanese and Mexican cuisines. They offer to-go sushi burritos that you may carry as you check out more food stalls here in the park.

2. Kimusan
Kimusan's Cheesy Maki Rolls
Ramen in Kimu San Japanese Cuisine - Pitstop Foodpark

Kimusan is your go-to stall when you want to have some quick fix of your Japanese cravings. They offer your favorite rolls with a few tweaks and some bowl of hot ramen.

3. Stone Grill

Stone Grill of Pitstop Foodpark

Stone Grill offers dishes that are grilled and served off the stone, and thus the name of the stall.

4. Jian's Dimsum House
Jian's Dimsum House in Pitstop Foodpark
Jian's Dimsum House in Pitstop Foodpark

Jian's Dimsum House serves home-made Chinese dimsum dishes such as Siomai, Hakaw, Steamed Spareribs and a whole lot more.

5. Strip Chips
Pitstop Strip Chips

Strip Chips rides the bandwagon of salted egg snacks. You can either go for the traditional salted egg potato chips or fish skins for the seafood lovers.

6. Tapaout
Tapaout in Pitstop Foodpark

Tapaout specializes on no other than tapa. If you happen to crave for a favorite Filipino breakfast dishes, nothing will stop you to have your way here in the stall.

7. Thirsty Heroes
Thirsty Heroes in Pitstop Foodpark

Thirsty Heroes serves beverages the "park way". You can carry around this adorable juice pack as you browse around the food stalls. Plus, they serve alcoholic beverages for barkadas who want to hang out in the food park.

8. Buko Splasher
Buko Splasher in Pitstop Foodpark

Buko Splasher provides an alternative for those who are health-conscious yet still want to enjoy a variety of interesting selections.

9. Native Grill
Native Grill in Pitstop Foodpark
Natural Tea of Pitstop Foodpark

Native Grill offers authentic Filipino dishes cooked the "native" way. You'll be refreshed by taste of herbs in its grilled dishes. Plus, they serve interesting selection of native concoctions here.

10. Sons of Burger
Sons of Burger Food Stall in Pitstop

Sons of Burger provides you the comfort food you need to release you out of built up stress. You can go for the burgers or crazy fries available.

11. Masta Pasta Corner
Masta Pasta Corner
Masta Pasta Corner in Pitstop

Masta Pasta Corner brings in some Italian zest to the food park. It's the only stall that can satisfy your cravings for the cuisine, and thanks to this, there is added diversity to the choices here in the park.

12. Qrazy Quesadilla
Qrazy Quesadilla of Pitstop Foodpark

Qrazy Quesadilla adds another layer of diversity with its Mexican delight -Quesadillas! It's time to be cheesy.

13. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings is honestly not the name of the place. There was no sign in place for me to take note, but anyway, this stall serves various flavors of buffalo wings that may go perfectly with a bottle of beer.

14. Pork Barrel
Pork Barrel in Pitstop Foodpark
Baked tahong in Pitstop Foodpark

Pork Barrel provides Pinoy favorites perfect for salu-salo and hangouts. You can order sizzling sisig here as well as a baked tahong.

15. Halal Gals
Halal Gals in Pitstop Foodpark

Halal Gals offer a unique alternative for those who have restrictions on what to eat. Rice platters are served.

16. Unlicrabs
Unlicrabs Food Stall in Pitstop Foodpark

Unlicrabs offers something that you won't probably find in other food parks -- whole crabs! It's totally going to be a seafood adventure.

17. Ihaw Lang ang Iibigin
Ihaw lang ang Iibigin Pitstop Foodpark

Ihaw Lang ang Iibigin serves an essential component of a food park. It's no other than Filipino street food!

18. Brandon's Steak Hub
Brandon's Steak Hub in Pitstop Foodpark
Brandon's Steak Hub in Pitstop Foodpark 2

Brandon's Steak Hub has something very interesting to offer. These are the soft and delectable wagyu cubes that instantly melt in the mouth once you pop one into your mouth. Steaks are also available for the voracious eaters!

19. Tokyo Tempura
Tokyo Tempura in Pitstop Foodpark

Tokyo Tempura gives us an affordable fix of our tempura cravings! Order a bucket to share with friends or family.

20. Taclings
Bite-sized Taco of Taclings, Pitstop

Taclings offers bite-sized tacos that is perfect for snacking. You can either go for the beef or tuna, depending on your mood or preference.

21. Chinder's Dessert Bar
Chinder's Dessert Bar in Pitstop Foodpark
Cakes of Pitstop Foodpark

Chinder's Dessert Bar offers two of our favorite desserts - ice cream (i.e. nitrogen-infused) and cakes!

22. Fruitlocker
Fruitlocker in Pitstop Foodpark

Fruitlocker offers fruity desserts to end your food park adventures sweeter and slightly healthier. Halo-halo is also available!

23. Nitro 7
Nitro 7 Coffee in Pitstop

Nitro is a fairly new concept for coffee as it infuses nitrogen in the process of producing coffee. The resulting taste is something balanced and refreshing.

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These are the 20+ "restaurants" you can enjoy here in Pitstop! 

Pitsop Food Park is located along Congressional Road of Quezon City. Open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 MN Tuesdays to Thursdays and until 1:00 AM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.Check out the map below to navigate your way to this amazing food park. For more information about the park, you may check out their Facebook page: Pitstop Food Park

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