Where to Eat in Lucky Chinatown Mall - Recommended Restaurants

Are you currently in trouble looking for a nice place to eat in Lucky Chinatown Mall of Binondo? If yes, then you stumbled upon the right blog post! 

I'll make this quick yet useful for you, so let's begin! Note that some of the restaurants recommended here have separate blogs posts, you may read them by clicking on the name of the restaurant (as the header).

Important Note: Some of the prices may be outdated already, since everything is lifted up in my previous blog posts. However, I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible. The restaurants are listed in no particular order/ranking.

Last Update Date: October 9, 2016

Ramen Kuroda

The ramen here in Kuroda is one of my personal favorites because it has the flavor that I want without me hurting the bank. I know you may have a different opinion, but a bowl of ramen here in Kuroda satisfies my ramen cravings the same way the more popular and expensive ones do.

Location: Third Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
What to order: Kuro Ramen (P180), Aka Ramen (P180)
Budget: P200 and up for a bowl of ramen

Nadai Fujisoba

If you want to do away with the "more common" choice of ramen, you may go for a soba (which is a thicker version of ramen noodles). The flavors are also interesting depending on your bowl of choice.

Location: Second Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
What to order: Aka Fuji Soba (P260), Ebi Ten Soba (P280)
Budget: P300 and up for a bowl of ramen

Sincerity Restaurant

Sincerity is a famous restaurant you can find in Yuchengco Street of Binondo, but in case you are finding it tiring to visit that branch, you can conveniently choose to dine inside Lucky Chinatown Mall. The restaurant is famous for the authentic Chinese dishes including the chicken and the oyster cake.

Location: Ground Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
What to order: Sincerity Chicken (P300), Fried Oyster Cake (P200)
Budget: P200 and up each for a group of at least 4

Shi Lin

Although somewhat pricey, Shi Lin offers great range of dishes for your Chinese-food cravings. It's also a place where you can get a decent dose of Xiao Long Bao. Also, you can try the Nutella Xiao Long Bao as well, for a different foodie experience.

Location: Ground Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
What to order: Xiao Long Bao, Noodles with Sesame and Peanut Sauce
Budget: P300 and up each for a group of at least 4

Hobing Korean Dessert

For dessert, you can try Hobing's Bingsu. I listed it here because the shaved ice used in making the Korean dessert is very velvety and smooth. It literally melts in the mouth as soon as it lands.

Location: Third Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall
What to order: Mango Cheese Bingsu (P195), Choco Brownie Bingus (P235)
Budget: P150 and up each person for a group of at least 4 (sharing-type)

Alright, so that's my current list of restaurants to try here in Lucky Chinatown Mall. Let me hear your thoughts by dropping by some comments below! 

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