Tasting Dishes by Professional Academy for Culinary Education

Tasting Dishes by Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE)

When I received an opportunity to sample a few dishes that won medals during the Philippine Culinary Cup 2016, I got instantly thrilled. It was a great opportunity, hence I looked forward for that day to come. Who knows that with just a blink of an eye, that day came in so fast, that I am now blogging about our experience.

Tito Chef Interior in BF Paranaque

The tasting event was held in Tito Chef in BF Parañaque which is a restaurant run by Chef Menoy Gimenez, Institute Director of PACE. The interior is quite conducive for enjoying great dishes either with a special someone or family. The restaurant is also home of the BF Parañaque Branch of PACE.

Tito Chef in BF Paranaque

We had a short trip downstairs where the school is found, and it's both educational and experiential. Classes are very much hands on, as students immerse themselves in the kitchen-classroom setup.

Bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes
Kitchen of PACE BF Paranaque

Winning Dishes by PACE
The dishes I sampled during the night were some of the ones prepared by chefs /students /instructors of PACE that won either silver of bronze during the Philippine Culinary Cup. This year, PACE was able to garner a total of 13 medals, 2 silvers and the rest bronze.

Kinilaw Na Talaba with Lumpiang Ubod
Kinilaw Na Talaba with Lumpiang Ubod
The thrill of the intense hotness and sting from the vinegar made it incredibly interesting

Balbacua Bulalo by PACE
Sinfully great, but surprisingly not that sloppy kind of oily. The saltiness swims on the borderline, but the flavor develops as you go on. Lastly, the meat was tender in a dreamy way

Dilis, Pako, Suha with Salted Egg Dressing
 Dilis, Pako, Suha with Salted Egg Dressing Salad
Flavors were in multitude but harmonized into one -- definitely a winning dish!

Chicken Inasal Roulade
Chicken Inasal Roulade
Juicy chicken with no signs of dryness, creamy liver core that blends with it -- not your usual inasal

Stuffed Pork Pata Humba
Stuffed Pork Pata Humba
Delicately tender with playful potent sauce. Plus the dehydrated banana added a wonderful finishing touch

Kalderetang Tupa
Kalderetang Tupa
Well-prepared kaldereta with the crafty peas to garnish and add more character to the dish

Chocolate Almond Butter Cream Cake with Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Almond Butter Cream Cake with Chocolate Mousse
Heavenly treat with subtle berry flavor that balanced the sweetness of the chocolate -- a wonderful ender!

Now that's mostly about our tummy-busting dining experience! Overall, the dishes presented were truly impressive and deserving of the distinction garnered. We were able to see all the skills and craft manifest in beautiful and tasty creations.

The PACE Family at Tito Chef

If you want to pursue your passion or hobby to cook and prepare dishes, you may want to enrich yourself here in PACE, and acquire the PACE advantage! For more info, contact PACE at 654-4862 (Antipolo Branch) or 623-1311 (BF Parañaque)

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