S&R's June Finds in Preparation for the Rainy Season

After bearing the tremendous heat over the summer, it’s now time for us to experience some chilly weather (but I guess that’s still highly contestable). Anyway, to prepare you for the days to come, let me share with you some interesting finds for this month of June here in S&R!

When it gets cold and chilly, it just feels good to sip something warm/hot. We often call it a bed weather, but for some, they may call it a "great coffee weather". Hence, you may want to have on-demand freshly brewed coffee at home.

Delichef Coffee Mac Espresso and Braun Grind & Grew

You may want to check out Delichef Coffee Mac Espresso (P8,989.95) for your energizing dose of espresso. Now, if you want something even more fascinating and fresh, try out this Coffeemaker Bundle Pack by Braun Grind & Brew (P5,529.95). Imagine how fresh your coffee will be!

Barbecook Gas Griller Siesta

Although it's getting rainy these days, nothing shall prevent you in having a fun barbecue cookout! This fancy Barbecook Gas Griller Siesta 412 (P27,999.95) will definitely hypen up your grilling experience!

Delichef 2.6L Buffet Server

Now, if you are fond of holding dinner parties at your home, you may want to grab one of these Delichef 2.6L Buffet Server (P2,989.95) to maintain great temperature of the dishes you'll prepare.

COB LED Work Light

We kept on mentioning "rainy season" throughout this post, so now that we are at it, let's be prepared for possible power outages. You may want to find this Cat 4pc LED Worklights (P1,149.95) helpful when the lights are out.

In case you experience drips at home, these colorful towels (P499.95 for 12 pcs) may help keep your home dry and spotless!

There you go friends! I hope you find this blog post helpful, and let's all remain safe and dry this La Nina season! #loveSnR
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