How to Prepare for Summer 2016 with S&R March Finds

How to Prepare for Summer 2016 with S&R March Finds

Holy heat! Can you already feel the summer sting? Yeah, I do, and most of the time I just have this urge to jump off a pool just to cool the heat off. I know you have a lot of plans for this summer, but before that, make sure you have your gears ready! Hopefully, this blog post will be able to assist you in your preparations.

There are only a few items I can share with your right now, and to give you a general overview of these great finds, you may refer to the photo below:

S&R Prices Bike, Paddle Board, Summer Items

Anyway, to make it more useful for you, let me share as well some tips on you may prepare for summer.

1. Check and/or update your wardrobe
This year's summer is pretty intense. I am not sure whether global warming has something to do with this, but it's really getting hotter these days. Wearing something simple and comfy may actually do the trick. Here in S&R you can find some tank tops at an affordable price. Right now, they have a promo wherein you can buy 2pcs of Jezebel Rib Tank for only P499.95. That's only P250 a piece.

S&R V Neck TeeJezebel Tank Top for Women

However, if you feel like not showing too much skin, you may go for some V Neck Tee (P549.95 for 2).

2. Ready your outdoor activity equipment 
It's that time of the year when you can get your sporty equipment out of your garage. One example would be your bike. Riding one would definitely be perfect for summer as you catch a cool breeze hitting your face like a refreshing mist. That is, of course, under the assumption that you would be riding the bike before or after the sun is at its peak.

In case that you don't have a bicycle with you, fret not as you can buy one in S&R. The price may range from P5,499.95 to P7,379.95. Again, you may refer to the earlier photo for the prices as well as the types of bicycle you may avail.

3. Plan out a water-sport activity!
One of the best ways to cool off the heat is to involve water, and I'm not referring to drinking one (although it sure helps in taming the heat that you feel). Rather, I'm referring to an activity that involves a body of water like a beach.

Hence, I urge you to pick out something that you still haven't tried before, and challenge yourself to do it this summer! Not only will you be beating off the heat, you will also feel the excitement of trying something new.

Surfing boards in S&R ShoppingSurfing boards in S&R Shopping

This may be too crazy already, but surfing would be one of your several options. You may pick your first board here in S&R, and you have a couple of boards to choose from. Price may range from P35,499.95 to P102,299.95 depending on the style and functionality of the board. The cheapest is Aqua Marina Vibrant Paddle Board (P35,499.95).

4. Coordinate your schedules
Summer won't be too fun without anyone to share the experience with, so as earlier as today, you may already contact your family and/or friends and start syncing everyone's schedule. Make sure also to send some reminders once the outing date is approaching. You don't want anyone left behind.

Anyway, that's what I have for now, and hopefully you found this post at least somehow helpful. Make this summer count by having the most of it, and of course by enjoying! 
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