The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafoods Hauz in Bacolod

The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House in Bacolod

Just the night before we left Bacolod to head to Cebu, we decided to feast on some seafood once more. Well, we all know that the province is very well known for its fresh seafood, so we didn’t want to let go of the opportunity to have a taste one last time. We searched online where we can find a place near the place where we were staying which was O Hotel (read more).

After a thorough search, we eventually found a good candidate which is just a street away from SM Bacolod's North Wing. I can't fully remember the name of the restaurant because that is not where we specifically ended. Instead, we found ourselves dining in the nearby restaurant (about 2 stalls away) from it. This place is called The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House.

The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House

Locating the Place
The place where Nena's Manokan may not be too easy to spot the place because it is not as famous as the Manokan Country (read more). Also, the street is not yet well lit, making it look a bit sketchy. Hopefully, soon there will be better street lamps to light up the way going there.

The Seafood Collection of Original Nena's Manokan

Not unlike the first paluto house that we first visited which was Diotay's Paluto (read more), this place was less festive and with less seafood variety to choose from. Still, we found them decent and suitably fresh.

So far, the prices we were able to go about were as follows. Feel free to use it as a benchmark, although I know that it may really vary depending on the availability/seasonality:

  • P200 per 1/4 including paluto
  • P300 per 1/2 including paluot
  • P550 per 1 kilo including paluto
Here are some of the photos of seafood that you may find in the restaurant: 

Oysters of Bacolod
Scallops of Bacolod

Now, although this is obviously not a seafood, I just shared it with you so that you'll know that you can also find here some grillables (i.e. isaw, inasal and etc.).

Chicken Isaw

The interior here in Nena's Manokan and Seafood House is nowhere near festive. In fact, it was a bit dull and dreary. Still, we didn't mind it, since we had a good feeling about the food served here.

Interior of The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House, Bacolod
Interior of The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House, Bacolod

Okay, we shall now get to the food, and check out those that we were able to try.

The Inasal na Isaw (P15)
Inasal na Chicken Isaw

The isaw here in Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House was really good! It got this great inasal taste that was smokey and tasty!

Kinilaw na Isda
Kilawin in Bacolod

This special kilawin had this energetic sourness mixed with a hot kick! It was noticeably fresh due to the texture, and the great thing about it was the different take on the preparation. It had this interesting mix of salted egg.

Shrimps in Butter and Garlic

This dish had this great garlicky, butter and subtly sweet flavor which we really appreciated. However, we still like the one found in Diotay.

Emil Ong and Betty feasting on the shrimps
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Nena's Manokan, Bacolod

The Original Nena's Manokan and Seafood House - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P250 each for a bountiful seafood delight for 3-4 people

If you really are craving for some dose of seafood goodness, you may want to drop by this stretch that faces the northwing of SM Bacolod. There are a handful of restaurants you can choose from in this area, but we did a rough and quick evaluation, and that was when decided to go for this place called The Original Nena's Manokan.

Overall, the dining experience here in this restaurant was great. The food was nice and the prices were affordable. Well, the place on the other hand may not be as chic, but at least you'll be immersed in the culture. This is why if you want something different other than the chicken inasal, you may want to drop by this area.

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Nena's Manokan and Seafood House
Location: Stall No. 6, Burgos Extension, fronting SM Northwing, Bacolod, Negros Occidental

Operating Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Service Charge: None
Contact No.: 09493655827 or 09099319489 or 09984394037

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