Larsian - A Popular Place for Barbecues and Inihaw in Cebu

Larsian in Cebu City

We were searching for something good to eat, and we stumbled upon an online source telling us to try Larsian. Since, we didn't have much information about Cebu, we decided to trust what it recommended. Hence, we ended up dining here in this place.

Later on, I found out from our Cebuano friends that although this place is popular for ManileƱos it is not for the locals. They believe that the place is unhygenic, and that there are better places to try for barbecues. Recently, I met a fellow food blogger, Justinne Go, who focuses on her hometown Cebu, and she also agreed with that. She even recommended some better places to visit if in case I'm craving for some barbecues. Unfortunately, due to the dullness of my memory, I immediately forgot those. Anyway, in case, you want to explore Cebu, you may want to check her blog out here - Babe for Food (read the blog).

Larsian in Capitol Site, Cebu City

At first, I thought that Larsian is a restaurant, but when we got there, I was surprised to see something different. The concept was similar with that of Mercato.

However, that was not what really surprised me. As soon as we entered the vicinity, we were swarmed with people inviting us to try their barbecue and other paluto. It was a first time experience. I felt like a celebrity surrounded by fans. It was too much for me to handle. I started to feel claustrophobic, and I just wanted to get over with the decision making. After that moment, I now understand how the celebrities feel every time people swarm over to them. Kidding. 

Larsian Paluto Barbecue in Cebu

Among the sea of people introducing to us their stalls, we eventually ended up with this stall called Suite 16 BBQ Station.

Suite 16 Barbecue Station

The reason why we selected this one was due to the 5% discount that they offered. Plus, they have unlimited Kimchi when you dine here. Here's a preview of what you may order here in this stall.

Barbecue dishes of Suite 16 BBQ Station
Fresh fish of Suite 16 BBQ Station

Now, let's get on to the dishes we had during this night.

Chorizo Balls (P30/stick) and Pork BBQ (P15/stick)
Chorizo balls and pork barbecue

The taste for both the chorizo balls and pork barbecue was alike probably due to the same marinate. It was sweet and smokey as a result of the grilling.

Grilled Squid || P130
Grilled squid in Larsian

The grilled squid was somehow the lackluster among the selections we had. It was probably due to the not-so-tender texture, and the regular smokey and soy-saucy flavor.

Grilled White Marlin || P100
Grilled White Marlin

This grilled white marlin had a noticeable tenderness and delicious seafood goodness. It was a bit saltier than what I usually enjoy but I didn't mind that much.

Kinilaw na Blue Marlin || P180
Kinilaw na Blue Marlin of Larsian

The kinilaw na blue marlin was probably one of the best I've tried due to its exquisite flavors. It was most likely attributable with the added taste of the wild lemon called Biasong. I suggest that you request for the wasabi as it cools off your nostril. It was wild! 

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Larsian, Suite 16 BBQ Station

This practically sums up the blog post, and let me end by sharing this photo of us looking almost-haggard from all the walking and other adventures that happened.

Larsian - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least P200 each for a filling lunch or dinner for a group of at least 3

If you are looking for a place with a wonderful ambiance, you should not definitely pick this a candidate. However, if you are looking for an adventure and something different, you may want to go here just for the thrill and experience. Plus, you really may want to try the kinilaw na blue marlin. For me, it made the trip here all worth it.

Larsian BBQ
Location: Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu
Service Charge: None
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