Angrydobo - Judy Ann's Restaurant in Taft Avenue

Judy Ann's Angry Dobo Restaurant in Taft Avenue

Angrydobo, Judy Ann's newest restaurant venture, is found at the place very close to my heart, my alma matter, DLSU. It's currently housed in the space which the first Dat's Mix previously occupied (the establishment adjacent to Burgundy Tower). I have good memories in that spot, and I guess it still holds its charm because Angrydobo turned out to be a potential favorite.

Angry Dobo Restaurant of Judy Ann Santos

New restaurant with a good following
It was a holiday when we visited Angrydobo, and I found it very surprising seeing it jam-packed. I thought to myself that it says a lot about having a good following which then elevated our excitement. Naturally, we needed to queue up, and so we did for about 15 minutes.

Interior of Judy Ann's Angry Dobo Restaurant

Angrydobo's perky interior
The interior has this interesting appeal, combining modern design and giving it a dash of novelty from the brightly-lit witty statements plastered on the walls and ceiling. While the seating capacity tends to be slightly limited, Angrydobo was able to maximize the space and serves about 25 people at a time.

Filipino food with focus on adobo
The food selection is like other typical Filipino restaurants, but the difference lies on the prime focus on 'Adobo'. After all, that's what comes into mind from the name of the restaurant itself. Also, what may peak the interesting are the sizzling bowls or aptly called 'Angry Bowls'. 

Guyabano Shake of Angry Dobo
Angrydobo's Guyabano Shake (P115)

Each of us had a personal bowl to try, and got a spoonful from each other. The bowls
come with a vegetable of your choice (pick among the three: laing, gising-gising and kangkong).

Funny that it was only when we were halfway through when we realized why they were called Angry Bowls. They were served steaming hot. Picture in your head old cartoon characters getting angry. What do you see? Exactly.

Angrydobo Classic

The Angrydobo Classic (P245) was excellent, richly marinated and rightly seasoned. It may come too strong eating the meat alone but once you pair it up with rice, it gets well-balanced.

Angry Sardines with Egg - Angrydobo

The Angry Sardines with Egg (P235), though as basic at it may sound, was a great dish. It featured this rich tomato goodness that paired well with hot-steaming rice. As a tip, you may want to pick either laing or gising-gising for your side dish, since the kangkong may make it too dry.

Special sauce poured over the Angry Sardines giving it a light savory kick

Angrydobo Tofu of Judy Ann's Restaurant

For those who are trying to avoid meat, a good alternative is their Angrydobo Tofu (P215). It had this savory sauce marked with subtle sweetness. The fresh chili garlic condiment goes perfectly with this dish and made the taste more katakamtakam.

Angrydobo's special chili-garlic sauce
Angrydobo's special chili sauce with silling pula and siling labuyo

Renz Cheng in Angrydobo, Taft Avenue

Angrydobo - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: The ratings reflect my collective personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Ambiance: ★★★★
Taste: ★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Price/Value: ★★★★
Budget: approx. P230 each for a personal meal
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of latest visit - February 25, 2019

Angrydobo has the capacity to impress especially with its bestselling Angry Bowls. Each bowl is served hot evidenced by the emission of steam as you dig in your spoon. In fact, even the last bite was still warm keeping the flavor intact and rich. This explains why Angry Dobo is good only for dine-in when it comes to those bowls.

The experience was largely defined by the food temperature, seconded by the taste itself. I can't say this for all the dishes, but this experience is already a good indicator, which is why I'm giving it two-thumbs up. Highly recommended!

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Location: 2456 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila (beside Burgundy Tower)
Service Charge: 8% on price
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