Nena's Rose II Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country, Bacolod

Nena's Rose II Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country

Nena's Rose II is one of those "other restaurants" found in Manokan Country of Bacolod, and out of curiosity we gave it a try. Yeah, we really wanted to find out why Aida's so famous and the other ones are just "meh". I made a separate blog post about it earlier, and you may want to read more about it here - Aida's versus the Others in Manokan Country.

Nena's Rose II in Manokan Country

The interior of the restaurant is dark and dreary producing an unwelcoming vibe. Also, this forces you to think negatively of the place and cast doubt as to the quality of food. Although the interior was heavily un-motivating, we still pushed for it just so that we can satisfy our curiosity.

Nena's Rose II in Manokan Country

Minutes of being there allowed us to adjust. Slowly, the place started feeling less dreary as we began to focus our attention on the food about to come.

Interior of Nena's Rose II in Manokan Country

Now, without delaying much, let me proceed with the food here in Nena's Rose II.

Chicken Inasal || Pechopak - P80
Nena's Rose II Chicken Inasal

This chicken of Nena's Rose II tasted surprisingly great! It got this richness in savory flavor that tickled my taste buds. I'm guessing that this is attributable to chicken fat that seeped into the meat fibers. I'm not sure of it, but my palate could sense it, and it was able to enjoy the experience.

Anyway, the chicken was really good that we felt more satisfaction in here than in Aida's, at some point. Well, what I think added to our experience was the banana leaf cradling the chicken and the rice. It was subtle yet effective.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Nena's Rose II Bacolod

Here's a photo of us in Nena's Rose II. Happy faces there showing how much we liked the food!

Nena's Rose II - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P150 each for an own serving of chicken and rice plus oysters for group of 3-4

Overall, I felt an immense delight when I tasted the chicken here in Nena's Rose II. Plus, I discovered that the only edge of Aida's was the warmness and vibrance of the place. Now, all I am saying is that when you don't put much weight in ambiance, I'm urging you to give this restaurant a try!

Nena's Rose II
Location: Fr. M. Ferrero St.,, Nenas Rose II, Bacolod

Service Charge: None
Contact No.: (034) 476 1259

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