Stuff Over Burger Cafe in Teachers Village, Quezon City

Stuff Over Burger Cafe in Quezon City

After our first stop in Leona Art Restaurant for our Maginhawa Food Crawl, we decided to go for some burgers. Initially, we eyed for the Big B Burger, but the heat was intense during that time. Since that restaurant doesn't have an air-conditioning unit installed, we didn't go for it and decided to visit a burger store a few steps away (alright, alright, judge all you want, but we really don't want to bear the heat). It goes by the name Stuff Over - Burger Cafe.

Just to be sure, I checked out my Zomato app, and found out that this is rated fairly high (although Big B Burger is way ahead in terms of the average rating). Hence, we decided to make this our second stop.

Stuff Over Burger Cafe in Quezon City

The place is just small and, in my estimate, can only accommodate a maximum of 15 people at a time. This may make it difficult to come here in a large group. Hence, if you are doing a food crawl too, you may want to keep it at maximum of 7 persons.

Also, you'll find a lot of interesting stuff posted on the freedom wall of Stuff Over Burger Cafe. These things range from notes, advertisements, ID photos and a whole lot more.

Since the stuffed burgers we ordered comes with fries and drinks, we had this blue lemonade to keep us cool as we wait.

Stuff Over Burger Cafe is known for its, well, stuffed burgers which are made of 100% pure beef loaded with stuffings at the core.

Stuffed Burgers of Stuff Over Burger Cafe

Hungry Daisy Meal || P220
Smoked bacon + caramelized onion + cheddar. With fries and drinks.
Hungry Daisy Meal - Stuff Over Burger Cafe

The patty of this Hungry Daisy was slightly salty yet tender, same goes for other burgers. However, this said saltiness was balanced by other ingredients that went with the Hungry Daisy. Such a lovely concept.

Chilly Dilly Meal || P220 
Cream cheese + Pickled Jalapeno. With fries and drinks.
Chilly Dilly Burger of Stuff Over Burger Cafe

What I personally was this Chilly Dilly meal which I found pretty much amusing with its wonderful and playful kick as well as the cheesiness.  It was really something I found tasty and fun at the same time.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Stuff Over Burger Cafe

Everyone found the burgers lovely, and we were all game to head to our third stop at Caution Hot!

Stuffed Over Burger Cafe - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★★☆
Budget: At least P220 each for a stuffed burger meal

Overall, I was able to appreciate the stuffed burgers here in this place, and this experience just made our food crawl more exciting. Also, the concept was fresh for me and considerably original.

Stuff Over Burger Cafe
Location: 51 Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Contact No.: (02) 434 1834
Service Charge: None
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