Maginhawa Food Crawl - 4 Restaurants for P400

Foodie friends, it has been a while since I released a food trip guide here in this blog; hence, I am extremely excited to share with you this brand new food crawl guide in Maginhawa.

I labeled this as Set A, since we are still planning to explore more of the area soon. The summary of the food crawl can be found here in this infographic followed by some further details.

Maginhawa Food Trip Guide

Food Crawl Agenda - The Overview
For proper planning and scheduling, let me present to you the overview of this food trip adventure!
  • Suggested Number of People: Six (6) or any number divisible by six. I've tailored the orders to be sufficient for 6 people. Although this is the suggested number, you may choose to deviate from it (a plus or minus one, perhaps?) 
  • Budget Needed: Four hundred Pesos (P400), if you will strictly follow the guide, you will need less than that. However, it is your duty to adjust the estimated cost per person if in case you will deviate from the food trip agenda I prepared particularly on the dishes to order.
  • Time Needed: Approximately three (4) hours which already includes exploration, bonding and eating time!
  • Places to Visit: Leona Art Restaurant, Stuff Over Burger Cafe, Caution Hot and The Iscreamist. All of these are found in the Teachers Village or more commonly known as the Maginhawa area.
If you wish to learn more about each of the restaurants listed above, you may want to check out my individual posts about them:

Below are some of the food highlights:

Good Morning Pizza

Hungry Daisy Meal

Pork Szechuan Noodles

Dragon's Breath - Smores

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends up and organize your own food trip here in this foodie haven! 

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