The 71 Gramercy Restaurant of Poblacion, Makati City

The 71 Gramercy Restaurant of Poblacion, Makati City

As soon as I found out about the invitation for me to try the place out, I suddenly was filled with sheer amount of excitement. Hence, what I did was to block the time off, and set a schedule in my Google Calendar. That night, I needed to work overtime and I feared I might not be able to make it, but fortunately, through the grace of the One above, I was able to still make it. In fact, I was on time for the highlight of the night -- the main course.

Now, let me share with you some of my insights regarding the place and the dishes we got to try.

71 Gramercy, Poblacion, Makati City

The 71 Gramercy
Running for more than a year now, 71 Gramercy remains as the most-sought rooftop lounge in the country, It's a place where comfort and luxury meet. With a magnificent view of the Makati Skyline, you will surely fall in love as soon as you set foot on this place of indulgence.

Dining Lounge, Gramercy Residences, 71 Gramercy

As mentioned, I didn't get the chance to try the appetizers, but at least I got to try most of the main course dishes beginning with this Duck Breast.

Duck Breast || P820
Organic honey glazed US duck breast with onion and thyme puree, rhubarb and hazelnut
Duck Breast in Honey, 71 Gramercy

Tender and lovely, this Duck Breast indeed was fantastic! I loved the subtle sweetness of the sauce and the suitable tenderness of the meat.

Roast Lamb || P880
Lamb served two ways - boneless rack of lamb and confit ribs with roasted pumpkin puree, crushed minted peas and rosemary-garlic jus 
Roast Lamb of 71 Gramercy
Roast Lamb of 71 Gramercy

This Roast Lamb dish is surely something to look forward to! I enjoyed how great the blend of flavors was, and how wonderfully the dish was prepared.

Breakfast for Dinner || P580
Home-cured and smoked Berkshire pork belly with 62° potato hash, mushrooms and tomato fondant
Breakfast for Dinner of 71 Gramercy Restaurant

Although not as exciting as the other dishes, I got to appreciate the creativity exhibited in this dish. The taste was balance and intriguing.

Austrailian Sher Label Wagyu 300 grams || P2,480
Steaks here in 71 Geramercy are grain-fed and aged before being grilled over wood chips to seal in the juices
Juicy and marbly Australian Wagyu of 71 Gramercy

This Wagyu steak definitely took my breath away with the magical tenderness and juiciness. It had that distinct marbling that really touched my palate. Hands down for this!

#LEGIT Chocolate Cake || P320
Five textures, three kinds of choclate
The LEGIT Chocolate Cake of 71 Gramercy

The LEGIT Chocolate Cake of 71 Gramercy

Definitely carving a place in my list of top chocolate cakes (which I am yet to publish), this Legit Chocolate Cake of 71 Gramercy surely had this multi-dimensional chocolate flavors that really made a lasting glorious impression. It was not as sweet as expected making you focus on the awesomeness of the various layers of chocolate. Winner!

Almond Tart || P220
With strawberries, rhubarb and burnt butter ice cream
Almond Tart Dessert of 71 Gramercy

The Almond Tart was interesting as well with its mild sweetness. The texture of the pastry was bit rough for my palate, but this was eased up with the mixture of the lovely ice cream on the side.

Choco Lava Dessert ala Mode

Pavlova || P320
Mango and passion fruit pavlova
Neutralizing dessert - pavlova of 71 Gramercy

This dessert was perfect as an ender due to its refreshing, balancing and neutralizing flavors. It sort of reminds me of a macaron but only more refreshing and enjoyable.

71 Gramercy - Overall Summary
With this highly indulging foodie experience, I was able to surely appreciate 71 Gramercy. The ambiance was perfect, and the dishes were almost perfect as well. Of course, you may need to shed a bit of your resources but it may be all worth it with this different kind of dining experience!

Will you be trying this place out?

71 Gramercy
Location: 71st Flr. The Gramercy Residences, Kalayaan cor. Salamanca St., Century City, Makati City

Contact No.: +63 917 8477535

Store Hours: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm - Mondays to Saturdays
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