A Binondo Favorite - Tasty Dumplings Casual Chinese Restaurant

I got inspired by a food guide book to try a little different here in my blog, and I'm testing the waters with this post.

I'm used to writing long posts with a lot of stories and personal blabbers, but here in this experiment I'm going to limit the focus on the basics and essentials of the restaurant. Hopefully, you'll drop some feedback on what you prefer more. Anyway, here goes the post on Tasty Dumplings.

The famous fried dumplings of Tasty Dumplings with Rice
The famous fried dumplings of Tasty Dumplings with Rice (P118)

Tasty Dumplings is a well-known casual Chinese restaurant originating in a busy street of Binondo, in Manila. It's really easy to spot this restaurant because it is located just beside the historic and iconic Binondo Church.

Interior of Tasty Dumplings in Binondo, Manila
Interior of Tasty Dumplings in Binondo, Manila
Pork Chop Rice || P125
The best-selling Pork Chop Rice of Tasty Dumpling
The best-selling Pork Chop Rice of Tasty Dumplings (P125)

Blogger Tips and Suggestions:
  • Lower your expectations on the quality of the service and the friendliness of the staff. I've dined here quite a few times already and the staff do not make you feel very much at home.
  • Go for the humungous but thinly pounded pork chop. You will most likely enjoy its crunchiness and the special sauce that goes along with this best-selling dish. 
  • Try the sweet homemade Soya Milk of Tasty Dumplings (P38)
  • Try the dumplings, although I believe that it is just the sauce that makes the dumplings taste fine.
  • Go for the semi-affordable Hongma (P150) and Silver Roll Bread (P60) because these two are fantastic pairs!

More photos of Tasty Dumplings:
Soya Milk of Tasty DumplingsWinter Melon Juice of Tasty DumplingsHongma (small) of Tasty DumplingsHongma on top of Silver Roll Bread - Tasty Dumplings
Soya Milk, Winter Melon Juice, Hongma and Silver Roll Bread

Tasty Dumplings in a Sneak Peek

Star Ratings

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service ★★
Value for Money ★★

Budget: P150 - P250 per head for a meal with a drink and perhaps a simple dessert

How about you - do you recommend this place?

Tasty Dumplings
Location: Norberto Ty St., Binondo, Manila (the street at the left side of the Church facing the altar)

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  1. Try the pork chop with udon noodles. If you are craving for ramen and on a budget, this will work.
    For silver bread, I suggest that you eat it within the day. It does not taste good when re-heated.

  2. Thank you Sir Chua for dropping by the blog, and thanks for the recommendation plus tips!

  3. My feedback?

    Your "stories and personal blabbers" is one of the things that added to the charm of your blog. We get a glimpse of YOU and who you are.

    I've always believed that anyone can make a straight-forward-food-directory-blog, but added a more human touch to the blog.. The blogger's "Personal side", is what makes it more interesting. :)

    On another note...

    I'd definitely try the pork chop but if the waiters tried giving me attitude, I'd make sure their manager hears about it.

  4. Thank you so much Richie for sharing your thoughts on this. :D

    Yeah, I think that sounds reasonable because it will be really alarming if the waitresses remain snobbish, but I'm definitely hoping that they'll welcome you with warmth and courtesy. :)


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