Chizu Cupcakes - right blend of Cheesiness and Sweetness

I've been posting a lot about restaurants, and I decided to have a short break by having something different. Hence, here's a feature of something we may all learn to love - Chizu Cupcakes!

Chizu Cupcakes Philippines- cheese overload!
Chizu Cupcakes - cheese overload!
About Chizu Cupcakes
Baked inside a brick fire charcoal oven, the Chizu Cupcakes are not the usual cupcakes with a heavy frosting on top. They are all made from fine and fresh ingredients less the preservatives commonly used in cupcakes such as baking powder and baking soda.

The people behind the cupcakes assure you of good taste because the recipe was passed down from an earlier generation. Whenever these Chizu cupcakes are served during gatherings, they vanish real fast! Hence, the family realized that they can turn the cupcakes into a family sideline -- eventually the Ledesma family was able to open the online bakeshop 3 months ago (i.e. March 2014).

The Chizu Cupcakes - bite-sized for some quick snack!
The Chizu Cupcakes - bite-sized for some quick snack!

The Chizu Cupcakes
Are you ready for some great gastronomic adventure? Here it goes!
Chizu Cupcakes Regular - Philippines
Chizu Cupcakes - regular - awesomeness in a couple of bites!
When I first had a bite, I didn't know that I will experience a wave of "love at first bite". By merely looking at it, you won't seem to find anything special with the cupcakes. However, once you start indulging on it, adventure begins to unravel.

Actually, the Chizu Cupcakes remind me of macaroons with the creamy cheese replacing the coconut shavings. Also, there was a striking right balance of sweetness; hence, you won't easily get tired of the taste. On top of all, the melted cheese over the cupcakes was really complementary to the overall flavor resulting to a fantastic dessert or snack experience!

If you want to just have a try of the cupcakes, Chizu Bites are available for you! These are bite-sized version of the cupcake which you will enjoy as a snack!
Chizu Cupcakes Bites - Philippines
Chizu Bites for on-the-go snacks! 
Additional Notes:
I prefer the Chizu cupcakes chilled because of a more solidified yet creamy texture. Well, I haven't tried it warm yet, but that's because I fell in deep love with the chilled ones! Also, in my opinion, the Chizu Regular has a finer texture.

Price List:
Chizu Regular 
  • Box of 12's Php 350
  • Box of 6's Php 180
  • Pack of 3's Php 100

Chizu Bites
  • Box of 12's Php125
  • Box of 24's Php250
  • Box of 36's Php350
What are you waiting for? Grab some bites by contacting the number below. Don't forget to rate the cupcakes as soon as you get to try them!

Chizue Cupcakes
For orders, you may contact 09175066269 or 09334920088
Facebook Page: Chizu Ph
Shelf Life - 10 days

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