Spend Only P45 Each for Dimsum in Golden Fortune Restaurant

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Kalaw Street
Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Kalaw Street
Golden Fortune or "Lok Hok" as you may have heard from your Chinoy or Chinese friends is a Seafood Restaurant more known for its Shabu-Shabu and Dimsum dishes!

If you are more into a classier type of place, you may opt to visit the branch in Kalaw Street (a 4-minute walk away from the LRT Station). Here's a snapshot of the place.
The Interior of Golden Fortune in Kalaw near U.N. Avenue LRT Station
The Interior of Golden Fortune in Kalaw near U.N. Avenue LRT Station
There are a lot of waiters around, so you may expect a hands-on service with high level of attentiveness (unless of course if there's an event being held in Golden Fortune in the 2nd floor).

On the other hand, if you want to experience adventure, choose the one in Binondo. Well, honestly I haven't seen the place yet except for the facade, but the one in Kalaw looks much cozy and comfy. However, the good thing about the latter is that you are closer to other good places to eat!

Since this post is more of a food trip guide, let me now share with you the dishes we had. This will be followed by the Food Trip Budget Plan I prepared to assist you in planning your own food trip.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Medium) || P300
Yang Chow Fried Rice of Golden Fortune
Yang Chow Fried Rice of Golden Fortune
This Yang Chow fried rice was unfortunately not the best I had suggesting that  it can't be enjoyed by itself (unlike other ones I've tried before). However, despite this, I found the fried rice considerably "fine" when I had it with the dimsum. Since the taste of the rice was not that strong, it just balanced the flavors of the dimsum.

Sauteed Fish Fillet with Vegetables (Small) || P330
Sauteed Fish Fillet with Vegetables of Golden Fortune
Sauteed Fish Fillet with Vegetables. 
I don't know if I was just focused on having the siomai and other dimsum that I found this dish not that amazing, but don't get me wrong. What I meant by "not that amazing" is "I didn't find something special about the dish". Admittedly, the quality and taste were both fine, but lacks the Mmmmmmmm-factor.

Roasted Pork Asado (Small) || P250
The "bland-and-sweet" pork asado of Golden Fortune
The "bland-and-sweet" pork asado of Golden Fortune
Portions of the asado had a superb flavorful taste emphasized by a subtle sweetness that brushes on the taste buds. Sadly, the flavor was not evenly distributed because there were bland portions as well.

Fried Thailand Style Shrimp Cake || P75 (Regular Price) || P48 (Promo Price)
Fried Thailand Style Shrimp Cake of Golden Fortune
Fried Thailand Style Shrimp Cake - an emerging favorite!
This shrimp cake was a total hit for me! The outer shell was fried just right, and the filling was incredible. Although the taste is somehow close to the siomai, this shrimp cake was, in a way, still different. Actually, what made this more enjoyable was the mayo dip that complimented well the "cake"

Wanton Soup Noodle || P105 (Regular Price) || P78 (Promo Price)
Wanton Soup Noodle of Golden Fortune
For noodle-lovers, here's a Wanton Soup Noodle of Golden Fortune
I wasn't able to try this one, but I included it here so that you'll know that they also serves soup noodles there.

Beancurd Roll || P70 (Regular Price) || P48 (Promo Price)
Beancurd Roll for Dimsum Food Trip
The special Beancurd Roll that's full of flavors!
Swimming in a light sour sauce, this Beancurd Roll was nearly amazing with its tasty meat-with-beancurd filling. I found the rolls not entirely exquisite but I still think it is really worthy to be tried because you will find the taste "new".

Steamed Shrimp Siomai || P70 (Regular Price) || P48 (Promo Price)
Golden Fortune's Famous Shrimp Siomai
Steamed Shrimp Siomai - delectable and amazing!
The Shrimp Siomai for me tasted heavenly. It offered a beautifully-balanced flavor enough for me (and you) to eat it without any sauce. I don't know if it was just me but I just love the Siomai of Golden Fortune! In fact, it currently holds the Best Siomai (to date) in my book.

Note: We were supposed to order some Shrimp Hakaw as well. However, it was out of stock already.
Free Ube Gulaman Dessert - simple yet good!
Just when we thought we were done eating, the waiters provided us free desserts - Ube Gulama in Sweet Milky Sauce which I found simple yet good. Anyway, this generosity of Golden Fortune was really a nice gesture or practice that made us all happy. In short, because of the free desserts, we left the place with smiles on our faces. Basically, that ended our dining experience here in Golden Fortune! It's now time for my food trip suggestions!

Budgeted Food Trip Guide - Dimsum Edition:
Since I am here to accompany you indirectly in your food trip, let me share with you some of my suggestions (i.e. what to order) together with their corresponding costs.

In order to fully understand the guide I made, you must take note of the following:
  • The prices listed below are on a per person basis provided that you meet (no more, no less) the suggested number of people. 
  • Prices used are net of service charge (in Kalaw Branch); however, I am not entirely sure whether the branch in Binondo also has a service charge. If not, expect a lower amount to pay each person.
  • Prices used are also within the Promo hours, so I highly suggest that you plan your food trip well and dine here in Golden Fortune during the said promo hours. 

Promo Hours of Golden Fortune:

  1. Soler [Binondo] Branch (2:00 pm to 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm to 1:00am)
  2. Kalaw Branch (9:00 pm to 12:00 mn only)

Chinese Dimsum Food Trip Budget Plan
Chinese Dimsum (Golden Fortune) - Budget Plan or Suggested Orders for those who want to go into a food trip!
Create your Own Food Trip Plan:
Promo Price Dimsum and Noodles of Golden Fortune 1Promo Price Dimsum and Noodles of Golden Fortune 2

There you go! I hope you found this blog post and especially the Food Trip Budget Plan useful and interesting! Share this to your friends, and invite them to have a food trip here! Oh, I suggest that you choose branch in Binondo, so you can also try other famous food places there (such as Tasty Dumplings, Dong Bei, Salido Asado and more) for a feasty food trip!

Golden Fortune Restaurant
Location: 678 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila
Service Charge: 10% of the Price

Binondo Branch:
Ground Floor, Peace Hotel, 1283 Soler Street, Binondo, Manila

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