The Refreshing Drink of COCO ROYAL - Basil Seed with Honey

I just want to share with you this amazing drink I had. It's no other than Coco Royal!

What is Coco Royal?
This Coco Royal is a highly refreshing drink imported from the Land of Smiles, Thailand! Right now (if I'm not mistaken), there are two variants available here in our country.

Coco Royal's Coconut Water with Aloe Vera || P36
Coco Royal's Coconut Water with Aloe Vera
Coco Royal's Coconut Water with Aloe Vera
This Coconut Water with Aloe Vera of Coco Royal is a refreshing and revitalizing drink that can take away all the day-to-day ravages! Why? Well, this is practically because coconut water is known as a good source of hydration. Hence, you will definitely feel good after drinking this!

I thought I wouldn't taste something more refreshing than this one, but I was wrong. This next drink is much revitalizing (of course, this is just a personal preference).

Coco Royal's Basil Seed with Honey || P38
Coco Royal's Basil Seed with Honey
Coco Royal's Basil Seed with Honey Juice
This Basil Seed with Honey Juice Coco Royal Drink has a soft yet balance taste of honey highlighted by the fun adventure in your mouth as the tiny basil seeds party inside! It  is so rejuvenating it takes away all anxiousness and tiredness away from your mind and body! Super awesome!

So, there you go! I hope you found the drink interesting. If you did, why not grab some of these? Who knows when these drinks can become handy?

Where to buy or order Coco Royal Drink in the Philippines?

Available in Mitsuyado
I was delighted to see Coco Royal drinks on the menu of Mitsuyado. We didn't want to miss the experience of trying out again, and so we had it there. (Mitsuyado is a Japanese Restaurant in Makati serving the famous Cheese Ramen)

Coco Royal Philippines
12 Brixton Street, Barrio Kapitolyo, 1603
Contact: (02) 9259685
Facebook Page - Coco Royal Philippines

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