Munchy by MUNCHSTER YUM - The Original Pancake Cookie

Munchy by Munchster Yum - Pancake Cookie
Munchy by Munchster Yum
I finally found a new dessert that is delicious, affordable and unique!

I am very thankful to my friend Ira because she was the one who recommended this "munchy" for me to try. At first, I doubted whether it will be good or not, but when I tried it, I felt an overwhelming joy! And at that instant, it became my favorite dessert (beating out the Y Tu Mama Brownie of Exile on Main St.).

Anyway, in this quick blog post, I'm going to share with you what munchies are, how much they cost and where you can find them.

What are munchies according to Munchster Yum?
Munchies are soft, chewy, and deliciously-baked pancake cookies. They can be enjoyed as a treat during snacks or desserts, that would definitely satisfy your hungry tummy!

Note: It may be too sweet for some, so I suggest having it as a dessert rather than as a snack. (Does this make sense?)

Red Velvet, Chocolate and Smores Munchies by Munchster Yum
Munchies will sweeten up your day! 

How much are the munchies? 
The price depends on how much quantity you purchase - the more munchies you buy the more affordable they become. Hence, the cost range of munchies ranges from P13.33 to P20. Really neat, right? In fact, you can purchase a dozen as a pasalubong for your friends or family.
Menu and Prices of Munchies - Munchster Yum
Menu and Prices of Munchster Yum
Anyway, munchies are best enjoyed with a dip, and good thing it comes free with the munchies. Here are your options for your dip: Chocolate Syrup, White Chocolate Syrup (the top choice), Maple Syrup and Caramel Syrup.

Now, check out the photo below!

Cookies inside a Pancake by Munchster Yum
The cookies inside the pancakes!
These are the cookies that are placed inside the pancakes. These cookies alone look so delicious already. What more wrapping it up in a pancake and dipping it in awesome dips? 

Blogger's Opinion: I think these are better than the wicked oreos, both in terms of taste and price!

What's the best combination? 
Here is a list of good combinations according to my friends and my assumptions:
  • Red Velvet + White Chocolate - top choice!
  • S'Mores + Chocolate Syrup
  • Chocolate + Caramel Syrup
  • Choco Chips + Chocolate Syrup
Start delighting your day, and forget about the calories!
And who knows, maybe it will be the newest food trend? Only time can tell. 

Munchster Yum
Perico's Canteen
St. La Salle Hall, DLSU
Taft Avenue, Manila

Other Branch:
Sky Garden
SM North Edsa
Contact No.: (02) 470-1240

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  1. minsan nakita ko may ipis yung sa container nung cookies, kaya hnd ako bumibili nito

  2. Oh no! That does not sound cool. Sayang, but anyway my liking for this subsided already a long time ago. Haha! :)


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