Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream - 7 Must-Try Flavors!

Magnolia's Gold Label Ice Cream - 7 Must-Try Flavors!

Your ice cream experience at home is about to be further elevated with the recent launch of Magnolia Gold Label! Who could have thought that ice cream can still get better? Well, Magnolia did, and they were able to make it a reality. With this Gold Label series, we now have a creamier and tastier ice cream selection readily available for us -- all made with fresh carabao milk for optimum satisfaction. On top of it all, there are no artificial flavors infused, just pure natural goodness!

Now, the good news doesn't stop there because Magnolia has just released seven (7) new exciting flavors under this label. Each of them has a distinct character that will certainly tickle different parts of your buds. Let's take a look! 
Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream
Now before we head on to the flavors, let's just quickly talk about the packaging, which hands down is probably the best I've seen to date. It comes with this elegant blue overall, embellished with gold giving it royalty feels. Just by looking at it, I knew that I'd be having a good time, and certainly it did not disappoint because that's exactly what happened.

Anyway, I promised that we'd be talking about the 7 must-try flavors of Magnolia Gold Label, so here are they! 

1. Avocado Macchiato
Avocado ice cream blended with ground tablea bits enriched with coffee ripple
Avocado Macchiato by Magnolia Gold Label
Avocado Macchiato by Magnolia Gold Label

Avocado enthusiast meets coffee lover. This flavor first gives you a dreamy creamy avocado goodness followed by some playful textures from the choco-coffee bits, and ending with a zing from the light coffee kick. 

2. S'Mores
Premium vanilla ice cream blended with graham cracker bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge
S'Mores Ice Cream - Magnolia Gold Label
S'Mores Ice Cream - Magnolia Gold Label

Bliss of camping memories in a cup. This flavor gives you multiple textures that allow your buds to be tickled with mellowness from the marshmallows while also getting some light jolt from the graham bits. Perfect for teens and teenage at heart!
Scoop of Magnolia Gold Label S'Mores

3. Wintermelon Milk Tea
Wintermelon milk tea ice cream blended with brown sugar jellies swirled with caramelized brown sugar fudge
Wintermelon Milk Tea Ice Cream, Magnolia Gold Label
Wintermelon Milk Tea - Magnolia Gold Label

Milk tea fan? Say no more. This flavor will definitely be your favorite. It has this comforting sweetness from the signature taste of the wintermelon milk tea. It simply gives you the best of both worlds -- milk tea and ice cream. Pure genius. 

4. Taro White Cheese
Dual base of taro and white cheese ice cream blended with creamy white cheese bits
Taro White Cheese - Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream
Magnolia Gold Label - Taro White Cheese

Sorbetes realness. This flavor is the least sweet among the collection, but potentially the loveliest among all due to this immense creaminess and cheesiness. Each bite contains this lightly salty white cheese giving it a very dynamic sweet-salty experience. A personal favorite!

5. Cookies and Cream
Premium vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie bits
Magnolia Gold Label Cookies and Cream
Magnolia Gold Label Cookies and Cream

A classic reborn. Honestly, I almost snubbed this one out because I was thinking "what can be special about cookies and cream?" However, once I took a spoonful, I regretted what I thought. This is a game-changer, and perhaps it was the fresh carabao milk that made a huge difference -- velvet creaminess with tempting cookie bits and generous cookie chunks. 

It was not 'cookies and cream', it was 'cookies and dream'. Yes, this is what dreams are made of.

6. Choco Peanut Butter
Choco peanut butter made with Skippy!
Choco Peanut Butter by Magnolia, Gold Label
Chocnut realness. If you are the type of person who'd lick peanut butter on a spoon, you'd instantly fall in love with what this flavor has to offer. Undoubtedly creamy with distinct peanut butter goodness smoothly blended with chocolate. 

7. Classic Vanilla
Premium vanilla ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream of Magnolia Gold Label
Legend in a cup. Similar to the cookies and cream incident, I quickly judged this one. I mean, it's just vanilla! But then again, I was wrong. It was cloud in a cup. 

Just look at the texture -- intense creaminess with suave vanilla essence that blends magnificently with the carabao milk. This has the power to turn your other desserts into GOLD. You can mix it to your coffee and make an dreamy affogato. You can make milkshake out it. Classic yet wild.

Scoop of vanilla - Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream

There you go, all 7 flavors from Magnolia Gold Label. I sure hope that didn't make you hungry. Cross my heart, it was not intentional *grins*. Anyway, which one are you most excited to try? Share it with us. Come on, don't be shy.

Indulge now on Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream by grabbing one from any supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. They are also available via San Miguel Frozen & Chilled on both Shopee and Lazada for online shopping enthusiasts. Make your day better with these creamy desserts!

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