SMALLTALK Restaurant in Legazpi City - Casual yet Fancy

Smalltalk Restaurant in Legazpi City
Smalltalk Restaurant in Legazpi City
Smalltalk is a popular dining place in Legazpi that showcases authentic local cuisines of Bicol. By looking at the place from the outside, it will seem like a carinderia, but don't be fooled because when you enter, you will be surprise how quaint yet cozy it truly is.

Smalltalk - The Place before you enter
Casual on the outside, fancy in the inside

The Place 

As mentioned, the place features an old-fashioned interior, mixed with bits of modern touches. Plus, it looks very inviting and warm, ultimately making you feel like home. In addition to this, it features some traditional Filipino elements which induce interest about the Filipino Heritage and probably history too.

The Filipino inspired interior of Smalltalk with a modern twist
The Filipino inspired interior of Smalltalk with a modern twist
You will notice in the photo that there are a lot of people who patronizing Smalltalk. This is because Smalltalk is already one of the fancier restaurants around.

Smalltalk in Legazpi City
Locals are also fond of dining here in Smalltalk

The Service 

Although the staff is really accommodating, the lack of speed in providing their service was a total downer. It took so long before the dishes were served, probably around 20 to 30 minutes. Luckily, we weren't totally hungry that time, because if we were, we could have lost our patience.
Photos and antique collections in Smalltalk
Photos and antique collections in Smalltalk

The Food 

The food was not that excellent and noteworthy (except for some), and they weren't even photogenic at the least. However, I still appreciate it because I was able to taste something different from the usual dishes I eat. Let me share with you those we had that time.

Appetizer - Pizzettes (P120)
Tiny pizza crusts with four dips: pesto, red sauce, pinangat and Bicol express
The Starter: Pizzettes with four sauces
The Starter: Pizzettes with four sauces
Neglecting the issues on food quality (i.e. temperature and texture), this dish definitely a source of great taste adventure. Order this and you will be given the opportunity to experience four flavors in one simple dish! Hence, this is definitely a must-try!

Bicol Express Pasta at P105
Smalltalk's famous Bicol express in pasta with alamang and sili sauteed in garlic & spices
Despite being totally unphotogenic, this Bicol Express Pasta was just fine. The level of spiciness was kept at an enjoyable level which made it fun to dig into.
Bicol Express Pasta of Smalltalk
Bicol Express Pasta of Smalltalk

Tuna Tomato Pasta at P120
Pasta with fresh tomato and tuna sauteed in olive oil
Nothing totally special about this dish, it was just your ordinary tuna pasta with tomatoes. At this point, it became obvious that Smalltalk really lacks presentation.

Tuna Tomato Pasta of Smalltalk
Tuna Tomato Pasta of Smalltalk

Pili Basil Pasta (P120)
Pasta with garlic, special pili and fresh basic cooked in olive oil
This is what I personally had, and it broke my heart! It was oily and bland wherein the "special" pilinuts didn't make any difference at all. On top of that, it was served slightly cold already. I felt the lack of passion in cooking this dish, considering that it could have been super when executed well!

"Specialty dish" of Smalltalk: Pili Basil Pasta
"Specialty dish" of Smalltalk: Pili Basil Pasta

Beef Stroganoff at P140
Pasta in white sauce with tenderloin beef
This is just one of those dishes which will make you say, "It's just okay - tastes like what we have at home" which is way better than saying "The taste is just so-so, and I think my mom can cook this better."

Beef Stroganoff of Smalltalk in Legazpi
The ordinary Beef Stroganoff Pasta

Grilled Squid at P175
Squid marinated in barbecue sauce and grilled into its finest
Despite the squid being slightly chewy, I was able to appreciate this dish because of the fine taste. In fact when I focused on the taste, I eventually forgot about the texture since it was that good. And just like what is mentioned in the menu, the barbecue flavor was distinct.

Even if it seemed like the food was okay, I still got disappointed (considering that I didn't keep my hopes up that much). The dishes would be better if they could have just improved on the quality. Having that said, I believe that the lack of quality really overshadowed the potential of each dish we had.  I would have left home truly heartbroken if not because of the good ambiance and music of the place.

Commendable Dishes

  1. Pizzettes - this affordable appetizer is perfect for taste exploration because it comes with four dips that you will find interesting.
  2. Bicol Express Pasta - you will be able to try the what's Bicol is famous for, uniquely through a pasta dish. It's very interesting, and the level of spiciness is tolerable. 

What We Should Have Ordered

  1. Cordon Blue - According to my friend from Legazpi, the Cordon Blue is highly recommended. In fact, she orders this dish most of the time. Unfortunately, it was out-of-stock when we dined there, so it must be indicative of something great. 
  2. Pizza Dishes - Based on other reviews I've browsed through, the pizzas of Smalltalk are really amazing, which may indeed be true because they offer unique pizza dishes such as those with Pinangat - a blend of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk. 
  3. Steaks - My friend who visited Legazpi said that they were able to try Smalltalk, and he liked the steak so much! 

Smalltalk Cafe
Doña Aurora St, Legazpi City
Albay, Bicol
Contact No.: (052) 480 1393

Menu and Prices:
Smalltalk Menu - Appetizers, Main Dishes and more! Smalltalk Menu - Pasta and Pizza
Smalltalk Menu - Healthy Plates, Desserts and more!

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