ADOBO CONNECTION in Archer's Place, Taft Avenue

Adobo Connection in Archer's Place, Taft
Adobo Connection in Archer's Place, Taft

Adobo Connection certainly became an instant hit among Lasallians because it now has two branches along Taft Avenue. The first one is in the Archer's Place, while the second one is in the University Mall, both located in the second floor. Personally, I got excited when it first opened, but I lost that enthusiasm just weeks after. I don't know if I consider it lucky or not, but we just ate recently there because my friends voted for it (yes, we usually try to vote for the place where we will eat - majority wins).

The Place 

I'm personally not a fan of the place. I find it dreary, poorly lit and uncomfortable. Due to this, I am forced to include Adobo Connection in the list of last restos around Taft I'll dine in.

Adobo Connection in Archer's Place, Taft
Part of the interior of Adobo Connection in Taft

The Service 

I was fairly disappointed during my last visit because of the high inaccuracy of my order. I was eyeing for the affordable meal named Mama's Sweet Chicken Adobo (see photo below) which is inclusive of 1 chicken part and Adobo rice (P79). However, I was surprised when she was asking for P99 for that order. I thought they changed prices, but I paid anyway. Afterwards, I found out that they have a Kanin-All-U-Can Meal with the same name, and that is what the lady thought I want.

I didn't make a huge fuss about it, but the question here is why didn't she clarify my order especially that they have the same name for two types of meal. Frankly, it was supposedly forgivable, but what I hated was her rude and sarcastic response - she was rubbing in my face that I was the one who got it wrong - that I didn't specify my order. She said, that I should have ordered for an "Affordobo Meal of Mama's Sweet Chicken Adobo".

Affordobo Meals of Adobo Connection
Affordobo Meals
Source: Adobo Connection FB Page

The bad service didn't end there, it was hard to get the attention of the staff, and so it was inconvenient because you need to wait a while before your rice gets refilled. My rant can go on forever, but let's just cut it short here, and proceed with the food.

The Food 

Now, I was only able to have 2 dishes. The first one was the Kanin All U Can Mama's Sweet Chicken Adobo (yes, apparently, you need to call it like that or else you may end up being wrong) valued at P99. The difference between this and the affordable meal is the portion of chips, the additional chicken part and the rice. It was indeed somehow sweet, but still the overall taste didn't seem so fantastic (but it wasn't bad either).

Mama's Sweet Chicken Adobo at P99 and Sopas at P19
Mama's Sweet Chicken Adobo at P99 and Sopas at P19
In addition to my first order, I also added a side dish of sopas at P19 which was quite affordable. Luckily, I enjoyed the taste and quality, but it was not enough to compensate for my not-so-great dining experience.

Anyway, I don't recommend the Sweet Chicken Adobo, but you may order up the Sopas. Also, if it is your first time in the restaurant (or even if it's not),  I suggest the Adobo Flakes. That is way better!

I'd like to hear from you. How was your experience?

Adobo Connection
2/F One Archer's Place
Taft Avenue, Manila

2/F University Mall
Taft Avenue, Manila

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  1. the last photo is so tempting :] yum!

    1. Sadly, I didn't enjoy it much even if it was visually appealing. Thanks for visiting Geejay!


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