Snack Time: CHUCK'S GRUB Fish & Chips in Mall of Asia

Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips is now open in Mall of Asia, and we were able to give it a try last Saturday (May 18, 2013).

Whether you are rushing for something or planning to chill out, Chuck's Grub is there to offer you a bunch of delightful fish and chips! Contained in a handy paper cone, the fish and chips (normally, fries) gives you flexibility on whether you'll bring it with you as you stride towards your destination or peacefully enjoy it in-store.

This Chuck's Grub branch in MoA is located just in front of Crepes and Cream.
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CHUCK'S GRUB Fish & Chips in Mall of Asia
CHUCK'S GRUB Fish & Chips in Mall of Asia
What we had was the basic Dory and Chips (with 2 pieces of  fried Dory and a generous serving of fries) valued at P130
Dory and Chips by Chuck's Grub
Dory and Chips by Chuck's Grub

CHUCK'S GRUB Dory and Fries

The taste of the fish was distinguished by how fresh the fish was, and the light salty flavor of the thin tasty batter didn't heavily take away the attention. Somehow it reminded me of the Battered Dory of Exile on Main St. in Taft.

Although I enjoyed the dip  came along with the dory and fries, I didn't find it very unique. In fact, I still believe that the sauce/dip in Exile on main St. would win over it.
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I haven't tasted a lot of fried Dory, but I am sure that I haven't tasted the best yet. There's something I am looking for in this dish. As of now, I still don't have an idea of what it is or what they are. One thing's I'm sure of, however, I'll immediately know it once I find it.

Fish and Chips Experience:   

Recommended? Yes!

Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips
SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
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  1. i dunno why but i get umay with fish and chips. both fried kasi siguro. pero the version from chuck's grubs didn't feel like that. galing

    1. Yup, although I think the dip is really the key to avoid getting satiated too easily. :)

  2. best fish and chips I ever had was in Anstruther Fish Bar. Unfortunately, I don't think I will ever get to taste it again. I just wish someone here will make something the way they do it there...

    1. I did a quick search, and Anstruther Fish Bar look really interesting. How was the taste different? Well, I believe that there might be something similar here, but we need to search for it. It might be somewhere not that mainstream. :)


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