Thank God It's Friday's (TGIF) Restaurant Review - Buffalo Chicken, etc.

April 25, 2013 - It was about 7 months since we last ate in TGIF (check out my previous post about it), and I'm glad that my mom, younger brother and 2 cousins chose to eat here last Thursday. And, we have to admit that we really missed Friday's!
Thank God it's Friday (TGIF) in Robinsons Place Ermita
Thank God it's Friday (TGIF) in Robinsons Place Ermita
Check out the Friday's in Robinsons Place Ermita. It's located somewhere in between the Pedro Gil Wing and the Midtown Wing. Alright, let's proceed with the food!

The Food 

I'll admit that Friday's is really one of those restaurants that I won't get tired dining into. The dishes are so flavorful that never fail to excite my taste buds. That's why this time, we decided to check out the dishes that we have never tried before to further explore the menu.

The first one up (for appetizer) was Friday's Trio (Chicken Fillet, Buffalo Chicken and Nachos) at P495:
Friday's Trio: Chicken Fillet, Buffalo Chicken and Nachos
Friday's Trio: Chicken Fillet, Buffalo Chicken and Nachos
Although I consider this dish a bit expensive, it surely boosted our appetite for the rest of lunch! The nachos and dip were fine and enjoyable. The Chicken Fillet was nice and tender that perfectly went well with the cheesy-like mayo sauce. And the Spicy Buffalo Chicken was a sure winner! It was an instant favorite, and I love how it perfectly jived with the sauce (which, I assumed, was blue cheese dressing). Plus, it was not just spicy, it was also bursting with flavors!

Next in line was the Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp at P595:
Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp at TGIF
Grillin: Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp
Since I got the Jack Daniel's Chicken covered in my first post on Friday's, I will focus more on the shrimps! As expected, I was able to taste the freshness of the shrimps because of the texture and quality. And this was highlighted even more by the famous Jack Daniel's Sauce which I practically adore so much! However, what I found slightly disappointing was the small serving of those shrimps. Bitin tuloy

Okay, this one was simultaneously served up: Jack Daniel's Pork Chops at P605
Jack Daniel's Pork Chops at TGIF
More Grillin': Jack Daniel's Pork Chops
Again, my first note will be the price! It's intensely high. But, the food quality and experience almost compensated for it. I love how tender the meat was, and how the flavors sipped into the entire thing. In fact, it tasted great even without the sauce. However, of course, the sauce was there to complement it. In fact, this will take you to higher bliss (if there is such thing). 

For the third dish, we had the Friday's Fish and Chips at P425:
Market fresh fish battered and fried to golden brown, served with their fries and tartar sauce
Friday's Fish and Chips (TGIF)
Friday's Fish and Chips
Time for some fish! My mom is a big fan of fish dishes, so we had this one. And I think I also fell in love with it. I simply like how fresh the fillet was, as evidenced by the soft texture. And don't forget to squeeze the lemon on it because that will really bring the excitement to a next level. Dip it into the Tartar sauce, and you'll further reach cloud 9!

Side Note for the hungry: Extra Rice is at P45 each. So order in moderation. *wink*

The most interesting part of this dining experience was the presence of the kiddie crew helping out in serving the customers. It was interesting to watch how a bit "clumsy" they are, and how they interact with the customers. Uber cute! 
Young Friday's Crew: Welcoming the Customers!
Young Friday's Crew: Welcoming the Customers!
Here's another photo that I was able to take - duty to serve!
Young Friday's Crew Ready to Serve
Young Friday's Crew Ready to Serve 
And that practically wraps up this blog post! For the rating overview, check it out below:

Price(Slightly cushioned by the 20% discount for bistro card, and compensated well by the food quality)
Overall Experience: 
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone as well as the food that I had during this time. 

Thank God It's Friday's (TGIF)
1/F Between Pedro Gil Wing and Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Ermita
Pedro Gil, Manila

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