Young Economists’ Convention: 12th Commission and the International Delegates

12th Young Economists' Convention - Manila
Photo by Nat Chan

Stating My Reasons as to why I’m posting this – a personal blog 

I've noticed that I keep on posting food reviews/posts in the past few months, and I remembered that this is a personal blog. And hence, I should write something personal such as things that happened or currently happening to me. I know sometimes cuisines and dishes are far more interesting than my stories, but just consider this as a favor. *wink*

The 6th International Conference
The 6th International Conference
Photo by Nathaniel Chan 
Anyway, this entire post will be all about the recently concluded 6th International Conference and 12th Young Economists’ Main Convention which was held last February 28 to March 2, 2013 (convention proper) and March 3 (cultural tour) in the Verdure, 5th Floor of Henry Sy Sr. Hall of De La Salle University – Manila.

Melting Pot of 6 Nations: Meeting New Friends

5th International Conference Delegates
With some of the 5th International Conference Delegates (2012)
It’s already been a year since the 5th International Conference (you may read more about this by clicking on it), when I was able to meet 16 international delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.

And just recently through the 6th International Conference (which is a sub-event of the Young Economists’ Convention), I was able to meet 10 more international delegates, now coming from 6 Asian countries, Indonesia, Thailand, China, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.

6th International Conference Delegates
Together with some of the organizers and the 6th International Conference Delegates
Photos by Nat Chan
It felt really nice to have the opportunity to be immersed to various cultures of neighboring Asian countries. And it felt even greater meeting, knowing and becoming friends with the international delegates! You guys are really awesome, and I love how dynamic our personalities and characters are which added to our great bonding!
Learning Bad Words
Drawn by Hongjun
Photo captured by Jinfeng Huang
Okay, one of the enjoyable moments with the delegates was learning different languages! But what made the moment uber funny and memorable was learning to say bad words in various languages. However, I will quote what Hongjun about this, “We are not learning these [bad words] just to curse and insult anyone. Instead, we are learning this to be informed so that we will know if someone is using these words against us.” #beingabrothertous

The Cultural Night

Cultural Night at Plaza Moriones
Cultural Night at Plaza Moriones
One of the highlights of every International Conference and the Main Convention is the Cultural Night. And this year’s cultural night, held in the Plaza Moriones of Fort Santiago on the night of March 1, was perhaps the best I’ve attended so far! Everything was great including the venue set-up, the program, the food and the presentations. And it was really quite a "cultural" one because it was held in Intramuros, a tourist spot wherein some Spanish Heritage was preserved.

Most Awesome Publicity Team
My Most Awesome Publicity Team with my good friend Phoom! 
Here's one of the photos taken in the photo booth during the night. Best night evah with some cool and awesome people I know!

The Year-End Party (YEP)

Walking Statue in Decagon!
With the Walking Statue in Decagon!
The year-end party was an auxilliary event of the Economics Youth Summit 2013 organized under the Economics Organization (EconOrg). This party, entitled the ZODIAC was held in Decagon, Pasig City.
After-party photo with the delegates and friends!
The delegates sure got some taste of how to party in Manila! Plus the circus stunts were really stunning and heart-stopping! Anyway, I won't be sharing much because you already know what happens in a party, right? *wink wink*

The Cultural Tour

The cultural tour which apparently was just an ordinary tour was really awesome! Some of the officers of the 12th Commission, together with the 11 delegates, visited Market Market for a so-called “tour”! And since this is the only time that the delegates can actually shop in Manila, they really made the most out of it. But as part of gearing up for shopping, we first decided to have our lunch in the food court where there are a lot of Filipino Cuisine concessions.

The delegates had a lot of options, but they had a hard time trying to choose what they want to have. My friend Phoom from Thailand tried eating Dinuguan (a Filipino dish which is made out of pork blood, vinegar, and other ingredients), and he said that he liked it! Hooray for that one!

<insert photo of Dinuguan here from Hongjun> - Note: I'm still waiting for Hongjun to upload his photos. #lol

Some of the other Filipino (or Filipino-adapted) dishes other delegates tried are: Longanisa and Sisig. (I can't remember other dishes they tried).

Okay, after being delighted by our meal, we decided to bring the delegates to the food souvenir shopping area where you can find their different souvenirs from various places in the Philippines.

Here are some of the popular ones they had: Dried mangoes, Mangorind, Polvoron, Yema, Pastillas and Pili-Nuts

Note: How I wish I brought my DSLR with me, so that I can document the entire event properly. #ohwell #sunkcost

After that, we decided to let them tour Serendra a bit for the remaining less than 1.5 hours. Here are some of the photos we had:

I'm not included here. Too bad. #sad
Photo from Jinfeng's Camera 
YEC-6th Intercon Delegates in Serendra
Last photo before the delegates say their goodbyes!
Photo from Jinfeng's Camera
Unfortunately, this tour was the official end of the 12th Young Economists’ Main Convention program. And this means that our delegates will be heading back to their home countries that night. In other words, it was time to say goodbye.

And I’ll say that even we were able to bond only for about 4 to 5 days, it seems like we were already friends for so long. I honestly felt sad bidding my goodbyes to them, but the brighter side is, we can always visit each other in the future!

Now that I was able to share what transpired during the event, I am going to proceed to a more dramatic stuff by sharing about my love for YEC or the so-called “YEC-Attachment”. So I hope you don’t end up closing this tab at this point. I promise you more food posts next time. *wink wink*

YEC Logo
Young Economists' Convention Logo

My YEC-Attachment

Ever since I was given an opportunity to work under the Young Economists’ Convention (YEC) by being part of the 5th International Conference Organizing Committee last academic year, I instantly felt so attached to it. I was heavily attached that I often prioritize my duties and responsibilities here over school work. And when I was fortunate to be picked as the Chief Publicity Officer (a fancier term for the VP-Publicity) for this academic year, I became more attached to YEC even more so.

Photo during last year's 5th International Conference

Now, you may ask me why I felt attached to YEC. Well, the answer is simple. The primary reason is no other than its humble vision, mission and objectives of promoting awareness to various economic issues here and abroad and developing the research capabilities of economics students (wherein research is seen to have a vital role in providing clearer solutions to various economic and societal issues).

Block 12 in 12th YEC
Photo during this year's 12th Young Economists' Main Convention
But aside from that one, I also became attached to YEC because of my personal goals of becoming a more-involved student, developing my inter-personal skills and improving my overall character. And was I able to achieve those goals through YEC? Well, yes definitely! And now this brings me to the sad part.

Blockmates and YEC Orgmates
Finally a wacky shot from Block 12
Unfortunately, it’s my time to say goodbye already to the “family” that made me a better person. The 12th Young Economists’ Main Convention was the last convention that I’ll partly organize. As you may know, I’m already in my 4th year, and I don’t have a full year anymore next year. This means I will no longer be eligible to run for a position for A.Y. 2013-2014. My two years in YEC has been really amazing, and every lesson and experience I learned and gained from it will forever be part of who I am. #drama-but-true

Journey with the Most Awesome Publicity Team

Now, I also want to grab this moment to thank my Most Awesome Publicity Team (MAPT).
12th Commission's Most Awesome Publicity Team
12th Commission's Most Awesome Publicity Team
You girls (Tricia. Angela and Jane) made this team what it should be – being awesome! And I want to thank the three of you for being the foundation of my effectiveness as the 12th Commission’s Chief Publicity Officer. Without you, there will be no BEST COMMITTEE in the 12th Commission. This is why it was an honor being able to work with very dynamic individual like you! And I hope you will continue the legacy we all built together. And remember that I always believe in you!

Aside from those things, I hope that I did not caused enough "pain" and/or frustration during the year, but I am hoping instead that you learned and grown a lot under my mentorship. Again, it I will not get tired saying this: "It was nice growing with you!"

Anyway, I will end my post here before I get all teary. But, all I want to say is that I’m going to miss being part of YEC where I partly found myself (i.e. my joys, passions and etc.).

Thank you for reading through my legit “personal” blog post. And don’t worry, I have a lot of pending food posts, so you will not need to bear reading something like this for a while.


The YEC Experience

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