The Goose Station with a Dash of Adventure

Goose Station in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
The Goose Station in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
I know I’ve blogged about this really late, since this one happened a few months back. Anyway, I still believe that this one is worthy of being shared. So, here we go!

The Deal

My mom was able to purchase some deals/coupons in Deal Grocer that entitled us to a three-course meal in the Goose Station (read as 'Deustation' or \ˌdi-gəs-ˈtā-shən\).  The coupon was priced at P1,300 if I can remember it correctly.

Pretty pricey, huh? Well, it really is! But, shall we judge the restaurant by its price? Definitely no!

But before we talk about the food and whether the price was worth it, I’m going to share with you first some little adventure we had regarding that night when we decided to try the Goose Station.

The Traveling

Since we don’t frequently visit Bonifacio Global City, we really had an extreme difficulty in searching for the restaurant. And unfortunately, we were only taking the cab at that time. The first one said that he is not also familiar with the place, and so we ended up nowhere closer than the destination. Oh well, there went the money down the drain.

Map for Goose Station
Map for Goose Station, just in case
Now this time, we tried asking for directions, and they suggested that we can walk it from the spot where we were dropped off by the first cab. We tried, but it felt like we were not going anywhere. My mom also got scared because as we proceeded, the place got more “isolated”. And so, we spent almost 45 minutes walking back-and-forth for nothing. That time we were really pissed off, and we even thought of postponing our dinner in the Goose Station and just eat somewhere nearby (since it was also almost past our reservation). Now, despite those facts and being so tired, my mom said that we could give it a last try by taking a cab again. And thank heaven, this time, the taxi driver did it! Hooray! But here’s the thing: At the time we arrived at the place, we felt really exhausted – too exhausted that we said to ourselves “This should be fantastic to compensate for the tiring search we made”.

Note: This is why I suggest that you familiarize yourself first with the place before going there. In fact, even if we have a screenshot of Google map with us, we still got lost.

The Place

Alright, as soon as I saw the restaurant, those doubts suddenly started vanishing. Because upon the sight of the place, we suddenly had a feeling that our dining experience might turn out to be really excellent.

Why so? Well, the place is very much cozy, quaint and fabulous. And this is also why it’s definitely perfect for some formal family dinner, celebration, or even a romantic date. The potential problem, however, is that your wallet may not like it here. But, hey, if you want something memorable, it may be worth it, right? Anyway, let’s get to the core of this – the Food!

The Goose Station Bread
Simple yet tasty bread from The Goose Station

The Food

To be frank with you, I cannot remember exactly the taste of each of the dishes I had, but I can definitely remember how I felt when I tasted them all. So, I'll be focusing more on those things.  
Alright! First one's up are the welcome snacks, yeah, that's how they coin it!
Welcome Snacks of The Goose Station
Some I-forgot-the-name welcome snacks
I really forgot how they call these two snacks, but definitely, it felt great eating these! The other one contains fresh tuna wrapped by a crunchy pastry which was really tasty, and the mustard-yellow dot-like sauce you see in the photo, I think that what made it so special. As for the other one, I honesty can't remember anymore. #sorry  #gettingforgetful

Foie Gras in a Cone
Foie Gras in a Cone

Trivia: Foie Gras means Duck Liver. This is why this dish is so special, and something very unique! You'll definitely have a new experience with this crazy great snack! I was only able to try one of these, but I really hoped that I could have more of it! That's how great it was!

This one is a delicate pastry filled with foie gras topped with jelly and hazelnut. So, you have 4 great flavors dancing inside your mouth, and tickling your taste buds. And if I can remember it right, when I tasted this, it felt like the overflowing flavors burst inside my mouth (since the pastry is really delicate). Oh, and this is also a signature dish of The Goose Station.

Special Eggs Benedict by The Goose Station
Special Eggs Benedict by The Goose Station
Slow-cooked egg, Hollandaise foam, White Truffle Oil, Bacon Tuile

Now, this one was also really special because it was my first time to taste something like this. The flavor was very strong (in a great way), and the taste was very remarkable. There's a hint of saltiness, but the tastiness prevailed. In Filipino, "sobrang malasa". 

Complimentary grilled scallops dish by Goose Station
Complimentary grilled scallops dish
We got extremely delighted because The Goose Station gave us a complimentary dish of Grilled Scallops coupled with some cool sauce and spices plus nori! What I can remember with this one is the texture of the scallops, it was so memorable that it was the only thing that I remembered.
Tomato Soup of The Goose Station
Fresh Tomato Soup of The Goose Station
I was not the one who was able to try this one, since my mom's 3-course-meal was a bit different. But, anyway, I just want to show to you the photo! It really looked nice, and I guess it tasted really great too judging from my mom's reaction.

Chicken Roulade by The Goose Station
Chicken Roulade by The Goose Station
 Stuffed with Italian Sausage , and Pistachio, seared Foie Gras, Port Jus, Squash Puree, Haricot Verts
Sounds heavy right? Well, honestly I have no idea on what most of these are. But, what I have an idea about is the taste that was so unforgettable. When I was taking a portion of this, it felt like I was in the animated film Ratatouille where I was tasting magnificent and heavenly dishes. Okay, the serving seemed so small, but it was really enough to fill me up and satisfy my curiosity and thirst for taste-adventure. And again, the one that really drove my taste buds crazy was the flavor of the Foie Gras. It was like magic! 

Now for the desserts!

Mixed Berry Cheesecake
Foamed Cream Cheese, Textures of Mixed Berries

Chocolate Cake of The Goose Station
Chocolate Cake of The Goose Station
Frankly, the desserts was just a little above ordinary. The presentation was definitely top-notch, but the taste was rather familiar. As for the Mixed Berry Cheesecake, it featured great, smooth and foamy texture which contributed to the delight-able experience. But again, in terms of the taste, it wasn't able to beat my expectation. The same is true for the Chocolate Cake; the way it was presented was so cool. It started with something on the left of the photo above, and ended up looking like the one on right after pouring a "magical" fruit syrup. Going to the specifics, the texture for me was a bit rough, which perhaps the way it was designed. Regardless, I wasn't able to enjoy it that much because I am more biased towards moist and smooth chocolate cakes.

Hence, with that, I end my blog post, and I'm hoping that you could try this great restaurant! The price may be high, but it really is worth it because you are paying for the quality and most of all an unforgettable memory of tastes, flavors and experiences.

The Goose Station
W Tower, 1117 39th Street,, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City, Metro Manila

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  1. The Goose Station is really far off the resto string at The Fort. Haven't been there. I've been wanting to, but I don't have a "date" yet. hahaha! :)

    1. Hello Mich! Yes, it really is very much far off. But, you would definitely love it there! Haha! Why not bring your brother with you? :)

  2. syang wasn't able to get this deal.. I've always wanted to try their foie gras in cone :)

    1. Awww. I still hope that they will have a similar or better deal for The Goose Station, so you will be able to try the Foie gras, and I'll be able to enjoy a great dining experience once more. :)


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