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Gumbo's Free Breads with Olive Oil and Black Vinegar
Gumbo's Free Breads with Olive Oil and Black Vinegar

Last Sunday (February 17, 2013), my family and I decided to dine once more in one of our favorite restaurants in Robinson’s Ermita. And it’s no other than – Gumbo, home of New Orleans Cuisine.

It had been more than 3 months already since the last time we ate there, and we felt so fulfilled because it was able to meet our usual expectation and perhaps it surpassed it a bit – You never really fail us, Gumbo! And we hope, it will stay that way.

Anyway, I'll be now sharing with you the amazing dishes we had for lunch during that day! I hope you are excited because I was pretty much so when we were waiting for the dishes to be served.

Alright, first one up is, of course, some greens - Smoked Salmon Grande, P675.
Smoked Salmon Salad in Gumbo
Smoked Salmon Salad in Gumbo
This one was definitely a gold! Yes, it did taste so amazing and the ingredients (especially the salmon) were indeed so fresh you can tell the difference. But, the drawback on this was the price. I don't think that my willingness to pay sums up to that amount. Regardless, the dish was an ultimate starter!

Soup of the Day || P145
Gumbo's Corn and Crab Soup
The Soup of the Day - Corn and Grab Soup!
If you are looking for something exciting to jump-start your taste buds, you should definitely have this one (if it is available). This one features a flavorful seafood taste with a definitive kick! 

 New England Clam Chowder || P175
New England Clam Chowder Soup of Gumbo Restaurant
New England Clam Chowder Soup of Gumbo Restaurant
Although the taste of this Clam Chowder was only an inch above average, I still found it great because it is usually uncommon to find restaurants (especially in Robinsons Ermita) that offers clam chowder inside a bread!

For the drinks, we had Peach Bellini Pitcher || P295:
Peach Bellini Pitcher Gumbo
Peach Bellini Pitcher - So Good!
This Peach Bellini is one of our old favorites. It tastes fresh, and well, peachy. You'll find about 5-6 slices of peaches in the pitcher, so you will be able to test your luck when you pour in the drink to your glass. Interesting, huh? Plus, this is relatively affordable since it can fill up 5-6 small glasses.

It's now time for the main dishes! First one up was the Grilled Chicken Limone || P495:
Grilled Chicken Limone in Gumbo
Zesty Grilled Chicken Limone in Gumbo!
I have four words that will describe this dish: Healthy. Zesty. Lemony. Tender! You'll surely love the texture of the chicken, and it perfectly blends with the zesty sauce!

Rice please! Here's the Seafood Jambalaya Grande || P595:

Gumbo's main piece - The Seafood Jambalaya!
Gumbo's main piece - The Seafood Jambalaya!

Seafood Jambalaya of Gumbo
Under the sea: Seafood Jambalaya!
Now, this I believe is what Gumbo is known for - JAMBALAYA! And I don't know if they still do it up until today, but usually when someone orders a Jambalaya and it gets ready to be served, they all shout "Ahhhhhh, Jambalaya!"

With just the right amount of spiciness, this famous New Orleans rice dish was full of distinct, strong flavors! And if you are craving for some seafood, well, this is perfect for you!

Now, it's time for the highlight of the day - Shrimp Etouffée Grande || P495:
Shrimp Etouffée of Gumbo
The Unique Shrimp Etouffée
This was a complete shocker! When this one was served up, I was slightly reluctant to try it out because it surprisingly appeared odd and looked like a soup. But since, I was up for something new, I decided to give it a try! And good thing I did, because at that instant I found my best dish of the day!

This Shrimp Etouffée features a perfect play of various spices with a hint of mild spiciness. There is also a taste that somehow resembles peanut butter, yet this is creamier with a distinct flavor of  perfect combination of spices. So, definitely, your taste buds will go wild!

Friendly tip: Let the etouffée set a bit in your plate to make the consistency a little bit thicker. This will definitely turn the moment and experience more captivating!

Pasta anyone? Everyone in our family really loves pasta! So, it is often a must! Baked Lasagna Grande || P595:
Baked Lasagna of Gumbo
All time favorite: Baked Lasagna
Now, this one is an all-time family favorite - and if I can remember it right we order this dish in every 4 out of 5 visits we make here in Gumbo. Although, I always fail to taste the freshness of the tomatoes (probably because there are some spices that overpower the flavor), this one still really completes our dining experience!

Caution: There are times that this dish is really heavy on oil, but regardless, the taste is still pretty great!

Update (2/17/2014) - Here are some of the other dishes you may try in Gumbo:

Cheesy Baked Oyster ||  P275 (Petite) || P375 (Grande)
Gumbo's Baked Oyster
Cheesy Baked Oyster - not that cheesy and not that great!
I had issues with the Baked Oyster of Gumbo especially on both the taste and texture. In my assumption, it was over-baked because the oyster meat became too try for us to enjoy.

Can't get enough of baked oyster? Why not visit Dusit Thani's Basix for a Buffet and have your way with the oysters! Plus they really bake it well to the point where it is really cheesy and the texture of the oyster is soft resulting to a "bursting of flavors" sensation.

Shrimp Aglio Olio || P325 (Petite) || P525 (Grande)
Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta - simple but tasty!
Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta - simple but tasty!
Smoked Norwegian Salmon Pizza || P395 (Petite) || P595 (Grande) 
Smoked Norwegian Salmon of Gumbo Restaurant
Smoked Norwegian Salmon of Gumbo Restaurant
Generally, I do not recommend the pizza selection of Gumbo, since I feel this is most likely not a specialty. The crust is considerably thick that serves as a major distraction, thus driving away your senses from the toppings to the crust itself. There goes the potential down the drain.

Want to taste the best pizza in Manila? Well, why don't you check out the Original Pizza of My Kitchen by Chef Chris?

Creamy Cream Dory || P395 (Petite) || P495 (Grande)
Gumbo's Creamy Cream Dory
Gumbo's Creamy Cream Dory

Gumbo New Orleans Restaurant - Ratings 
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars.
Price:  ★★
Overall Experience:★★

So, there you have it! Gumbo! It's pretty obvious that we enjoyed our lunch here in the place! And definitely,  we will go back here again to satisfy the adventure our taste buds need. As for my recommendation, well, do I really need to say that?

Page last updated: February 17, 2014

Gumbo - New Orleans Restaurant
Location: 3/F Robinsons Place Manila Midtown, Adriatico St. cor Pedro Gil Ermita, Manila
Contact No.: (02) 567-1820, (02) 567-1925

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