Chicken Deli's Inasal: A Bacolod Original Since 1983

After our tour in the Ruins, we realized that we were already famished. Since this is the case, we didn't care much about where we would eat. We only considered one thing, and that is the proximity of the place to the hotel (L'Fisher Chalet) where we were staying. And so, we found this one:

Chicken Deli Bacolod
Chicken Deli is just a walk away from L'Fisher Chalet
Indeed this place is near because it is only a 5-to-8-minute walk away from the hotel.

Chicken Deli and Mang Inasal
Chicken Deli is almost the same as Mang Inasal
What I noticed about the place was that the setting is much similar to that of Mang Inasal's. Also, the place is not air-conditioned. But don't worry, it will let you appreciate the cool breeze at night. I don't know if it would be the same during daylight, though. (Hehe!)

Order up! Now, let's talk about the food!

Menu of Chicken Deli
Hmmm, how about Chicken Inasal? 
Menu of Chicken Deli Bacolod
Of course there are other dishes as well!
Actually, we only ordered Bacolod's famous Chicken Inasal, and nothing more. And I was amused because in Chicken Deli you may choose if you want your chicken to have the original, sweet (add P5) or spicy (add P5) taste. But after trying it out, I realized that there was no distinct difference, so you might as well order the original, and save up your 5 pesos.

Chicken Deli Bacolod Inasal
The famous Chicken Inasal of Bacolod!
Photo source: Meg Olea
The chickens (P85 for pecho and P80 for paa, prices include unlimited rice) tasted good but not that excellent.Probably, this is because I heard that Chicken Deli is just the "fast food" of Chicken Inasal there in Bacolod. So, I would suggest that you try the Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country - way better and more famous, especially Aida's Chicken (read more about this place by clicking on it).

So there you go! Now, is it still a must-try after my suggestions and comments? Well, for me, YES!
You gotta try 'em all! 

Chicken Deli
8th Street Bacolod City
034 433 3506

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