Toy Expo 2012 Philippines at SMX Convention Center

Last night, August 21, 2012 (which coincidentally yet luckily the last day of the toy expo), I together with my family, was able to pass by SMX Convention Center (on our way to the Mall of Asia). It was funny because we were not aware of any expo happening during that day, but since we were already there. We decided to feel all young again. And besides, it is as if fate brought us to the place. Cheezy.
Toy Expo 2012 Philippines at SMX Convention Center
Toy Expo 2012 in SMX
Anyway, I'm going to share you some awesome pictures I took while I indulged in my childhood memories. Enjoy and let's travel back again to our unforgettable past (i.e. the days we were young and oh-so-innocent).

Okay, here's what's first in line: some "kids" trying to check out Street Fighter vs Tekken.
PS3 Toy Expo 2012 Philippines
The gaming console zone!
It's SpongeBob Squarepants!
SpongeBob Squarepants Toy Expo 2012
A huge SpongeBob Inflatable!
Now, here's me with a Mega Bloks figure.
Mega Bloks Toy Expo 2012
Mr. Mega Bloks Man
Now, prepare for some action! These are actions figures, but the thing is, they're life size. Or should I say, they're larger than life? 
Transformers Toy Expo 2012
I honestly don't know who this is. 
Optimus Prime Transformers Toy Expo 2012
Optimus Prime of Transformers
Power Rangers Toy Expo 2012
Go, Go Power Rangers!
Now, here are some of your favorites! These are marvel heroes, and I'm sure you love these guys from the Avengers

Almighty Thor Toy Expo 2012Captain America Toy Expo 2012

Iron Man Toy Expo 2012The Incredible Hulk Toy Expo 2012

I hope you enjoyed these photos. But, I hope you were also able to attend the expo because you would have enjoyed more! 

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