A Toast Box Experience in Robinsons' Ermita

Toast Box in Robinsons Ermita
Such a quaint place to feel cozy
Last night, my mom and I had a simple merienda-dinner bonding in Toast Box (Robinsons Place Ermita). I got pretty much excited about it because it was our first time to eat there. Oh, thanks to the coupon mom bought from Deal Grocer; we were able to save up at most 50%.

Moving on, I want to share with you that I really enjoyed the place. It has some old-fashion ambiance that gives you some nostalgic yet comfy feeling. This compensated well with, let's just say, a rather not-so-prompt service of the Toast Box crew.

Anyway, here are some the food we were able to try and munch:

Toast Box Ham Clubhouse Sandwich
Some appetizing clubhouse sandwich!
Ham Clubhouse Sandwich
Generously priced at Php199.00, this sandwich was definitely all worth it. The serving was big enough to be shared with someone, perhaps a friend, a close someone or even a stranger (kidding). In this case, I had my mom to share with. And on top of all, it tasted so good!

Toast Box "Teh" Milk Tea
The warm milk tea of Toast Box
Toast Box "Teh" Milk Tea
Included in the Php199.00 price is a Teh (yup, that's how they call it), which is basically a milk tea. Feel the warmth of the cup as you savor this velvety drink. You may even opt to have it cold. But, hey, try it warm ('cuz I did)! It's definitely worth the "adventure"!

Toast Box Singaporean Fish Ball Soup
Perfect blend of garlic and onion taste!
Singaporean Fish Ball Soup
If you are a big fan of a perfect blend of garlic-onion taste and aroma, you'll definitely love this dish! Take a spoonful, and this soup will definitely warm your hearts. Best of all is that it's only priced at Php180.00.

Anyway, just in case you are going after some carbs, why not try the soup with an add-on bihon? It's really a must-try!

This will definitely not be the "first and last". I still have one more coupon left, and you already know what that means.

Toast Box
Location: 1F Sta. Monica Wing, Robinsons Place Ermita, Manila

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    1. Yup! I haven't tried it yet (since, I'm more of a fan of tea). May choice actually on the beverage that goes along with your meal: it's either Kopi (Coffee) or Teh (Milk Tea). :)


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