Enjoying the Subic Beach, Water Adventures and Banana Boat Ride

Following up with Day 1 of our amazing Subic Experience, here's the continuation of the summer adventure!

7:30 am. Waking up time! :D

I decided to wake up early [yup, I consider that early already] so I can get the most out of our vacation. First off, I had my delightful breakfast - Tuna and Spam sandwich!

Anyway, I forgot to keep track of the time. Sorry for that. But what I vividly remember is that we headed for the beach again!

A Summer Subic Adventure - The Beach
Enjoying the waters of Subic near the Oceanview Resort!

Here's a picture of me with my sis enjoying the crystal clear waters of OceanView Beach Resort! [Yah, yah, I used the same shirt from yesterday!]

Okay, so we were just soaking under the sun swimming, laughing, and doing some crazy stuff for most times.

Oh, I even made a sand castle! [Yeah, pretty childish huh?] It was the reason why I got sunburned. Too bad. But I really enjoyed doing it. Unknowingly, I spent about 40 minutes in playing with the sand and dirt. Crazy.

Building a Sand Castle in Subic Beach
The Subic Sand Castle I made - amazing right?
Here's a snapshot of my best sandcastle ever! The sand of Subic before (I don't know now) was grayish. Of course, it was nothing compared with the beautiful white sand of Boracay, but this was just fine for us! After all, what can you do with a white sand that you can't do with a gray/black sand? (Humor us by dropping a comment).

Anyway, after some time, we decided to do something else - Banana Boat!

The Banana Boat Ride

Yup. I was pretty excited beacause it was my first time to ride one. Sadly, the ride was not that thrilling, since it wasn't going as fast I thought it was going to be. And so, what we did was to wobble the boat so for us to intentionally topple over. Hell, yeah! That was the "awesomest" part ever. I know we were all expecting to fall over, but what we did not expect was the sudden gush of ocean water as if ramming itself onto us (okay, I'm exaggerating, but the experience was SUPER!)

Banana Boat Ride in Subic near Oceanview Resort
This is a picture of us before the ride. Like I said, I was so excited I even put my goggles on. 
If I can remember it correctly, you need to pay up Php300 for one banana boat ride.

By the time that ride ended it was about 12 nn, so we decided to have our lunch. However, we still needed to wait for 30 minutes for the food to be cooked. And so, what we did was to head to the pool and burn time. Actually, my purpose for inviting them to go there was to get rid of the salt on our body. [I realized that it was a not-so-good idea, because, yes we got rid of salt, but we got chlorine in exchange]

Oceanview Resort's Pool

Here are photos of the pool just to give you a slight idea of how it looks like.

Relaxing sight of nature near the pool area of Oceanview Resort
Relaxing sight of nature near the pool area of Oceanview Resort
The Oceanview Resort Pool Area

The Pool area of Oceanview Hotel and Resort
The Pool area of Oceanview Hotel and Resort
Some more Story
After lunch, we had some siesta nap. Actually, it was only them who had some nap because there was an urgent document I needed to work on during that time.

4:30 pm. We left the place we were staying to attend a mass. [It was Sunday]

Then after that, we decided to look around for a restaurant. It was funny because we ended up eating at Gerry's Grill! Anyway, we had an amazing supper [Probably because I had an amazingl dessert - Halo-Halo, to beat the heat!]

We went for some stroll after that to enjoy the breeze and at the same time take some pictures.

It was a long day for all of us, so when we arrived at the OceanView Resort we were staying in, we immediately took a bath and slept.

That's all for our Day 2 in Subic, but check out the last part about our summer adventure because we visited the Parola Island and the White Castle.

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