Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes in Sampaloc, Manila - satisfy your cravings anytime!

Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes - satisfy your cravings anytime!Have you experienced having a sudden craving out of the blue? Well, I do, and sometimes my cravings can be really specific. For example, not only will I crave for a pizza, but I will also often begin having a set of toppings in mind. Is it Hawaiian? Is it Four Cheese? Is it a particular brand? Yes, it can really be that specific. 

Hence, I do understand that some of us, fellow foodies, may crave not only an ice cream, but particularly a Pinoy sorbetes -- something reminiscent of those offered in the carts pushed by manong sorbetero near schools/churches. Thankfully, there is one that is easily and readily available whenever you feel those cravings. It's Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes, which we will be talking more about in this blog post. 
Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes - classic and premium flavors!Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes
Not to be confused with the sarsa, Mang Tomas Pinoy Sorbetes is a brand of ice cream that originated literally off the streets. Mang Tomas started as a traditional "dirty" ice cream cart found within the compound of University of Santo Tomas (UST), hence the name. 

When pandemic hit, the owner needed to re-think of how to offer its product given that people were locked in their homes. That's when he decided to offer the Pinoy sorbetes in pints and half-gallon containers. 
I got to sample 4 flavors from Mang Tomas (which we'll jump into very shortly), and I was surprised to see that the pints were carefully packaged in an insulation foam, and thus preserving the temperature of the sorbetes. 
Okay, let's jump right into the four flavors I got to sample! 

Classic Ube
This flavor captures the traditional ube goodness that we all know from our childhood. 

Mang Tomas Classic Ube SorbetesMang Tomas Classic Ube Sorbetes in a pint

This flavor is something that gave a good surprise. Not only did it have qualities of a classic sorbetes, but the chocolate was rich. It resembles melted chocolate tablea. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers! 

Mang Tomas Classic Chocolate SorbetesMang Tomas Classic Chocolate Sorbetes in a pint

Classic Cheese
You'll definitely say cheese with this one with another traditional flavor highly reminiscent of the good all days. My only request on this one is to have chunks of cheese. That will make this even more epic! 

Mang Tomas Classic Cheese Pinoy SorbetesMang Tomas Classic Cheese Pinoy Sorbetes in a pint

Premium Peanut Butter
If you are tired of being too basic, you will love the premium flavors of Mang Tomas. One of which is this Peanut Butter which is similarly indulgent. It has bits of peanut butter which make every bite creamy and dreamy. 

Mang Tomas Premium Peanut Butter SorbetesMang Tomas Premium Peanut Butter Sorbetes in a pint

Available also in Foodpanda and Grab
The owner was able to make the sorbetes more readily accessible and available through Foodpanda and Grab. Hence, you may easily get your hands on these by just a few taps on your phone. Do note that the store is located in Sampaloc, Manila, so only those near the area will have access via these delivery apps (for now). 

Mang Tomas also has a physical store located at 1284 Vicente Cruz Sampaloc,Manila. Order now and enjoy! 

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