Supanniga Eating Room - Michelin Restaurant in Thailand

Supanniga Eating Room - Michelin Restaurant in Thailand

Supanniga Eating Room is one of the handful restaurants featured in the Michelin guide, and with that we became curious to try. It currently has 3 branches, but the one we visited was the branch located in Thong Lo district of Bangkok, Thailand. This upscale restaurant offers a unique take on traditional Thai cuisine, making it an interesting spot to visit when you visit Bangkok. In this blog post, I'll be sharing my personal take on the restaurant along with some dishes they offer.

Supanniga Eating Room in Thong Lo District
Supanniga Eating Room (Thong Lo Branch) may easily miss the eye especially with how it is being sandwiched between two bigger establishments. The term hole-in-the-wall makes a bit more sense in this case. 

Entrance of Supanigga Eating Room in Thailand

The Supanigga Eating Room branch here in Thong Lo has its interesting charm situated in a a narrow space. Just from the outside, I immediately got a feeling of certain uniqueness from the restaurant. My fingers were crossed that hopefully there's more to what meets the eye. 

Interior of Supanniga Eating Room, Thailand

An intimate straightforward interior
The restaurant's decor is very straightforward, and mostly incorporating minimalist feels. At that point, I couldn't decide whether the interior is too simple or not, but looking back there was a subtle elegance it it, and there was this apt homey warm feeling that went with it.

I'm guessing that this might be intentional as they want to put more emphasis on the dishes more than the interior. 

Son in Law Eggs - Appetizer dish of Supanniga Eating Room
Son in Law Eggs - Fried Medium Boiled Eggs served with three-flavor sauce and fried shallots

What are the dishes like? 
According to some details on its menu, the dishes served here are inspired by the eastern seaside flavors of Thailand. Mostly, you'll find familiar Thai dishes but elevated with a modernization in the presentation and components. 

Pad Thai Crabmeat and Crab Roe - Thai Dish
Pad Thai Crabmeat and Crab Roe - Special Pad Thai made with chunks of crabmeat, crab roe and unique sauce

What is the price range? 
For the appetizers (including side dishes), the minimum price will be roughly at 170 THB ($5), while for the mains, they average between 250 THB to 350 THB ($7 to $10). 

Moo Cha Muang dish of Supanniga Eating Room
Moo Cha Muang - Chunks of tender pork meat stewed with Thai herbs and cha muang leaves

Is it really worth visiting?
This has been an ongoing thought even up to the point that I was writing this. Hence, I'd be giving you a vague answer. If you are the type of person who fancies visually curated dishes, the ones that are very enchanting to look at, I'd say that Supanniga Eating Room is worth visiting. However, if you are rather the type of person who do not put much value to that, I'd suggest that you just re-allocate your budget somewhere else. 

The reason for the above is that, through my experience dining in various establishments in Thailand (e.g. street stalls, stalls in food court, mall restaurants), the taste and general satisfaction do not differ much with Supanniga. Of course, quality is a certain differentiator, but Thai cooks/chefs seem to know how to work their way around the food they serve and can make simple dishes to taste stunningly almost the same. 

Tom Yum Goong - an iconic Thai dish, Supanniga Eating Room
Tom Yum Goong - traditional Thai spicy soup with jumbo prawns

So, what is it really?
Alright, your twisting my arm. So to keep it simple, I'd give this restaurant a thumbs up! It upholds its promise of giving a delectable experience.

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