Botejyu: One-Stop Restaurant for All Your Japanese Cravings

Botejyu: One-Stop Restaurant for All Your Japanese Cravings

Botejyu has emerged as one of the go-to Japanese restaurants not just here in the metro but also in the provinces. With more than 50 branches across the country, and targeting to be 100 by the end of 2022, it became fairly easy to satisfy your Japanese cravings almost anywhere. On top of it all, Botejyu has all your favorites from sushi + sashimi, takoyaki + okonomiyaki and all the way to rice bowls + yakisoba.

Botejyu Branch in Estancia Mall, Capital Commons

Now, just in case you have no clue yet as to what Botejyu is, and what it can offer, let me walk you through via this blog post. Starting off with appetizers, let's dive in to the expansive selection of Japanese delicacies here in Botejyu.

Salad, Sushi and Sashimi

Botejyu does not in any way intimidate because it's menu is very much friendly for those who have a particular appetite or preference. If you feel like you want something relatively healthy, you can go for Botejyu Special Salad (P395 | large). It gives you a fresh mix of greens, boiled egg, cured pork and light ceasar-ish dressing.

Botejyu Special Salad

Of course whenever we speak of Japanese cuisine, another dish that immediately comes to mind for appetizer are sushi and sashimi. Just so you have a hefty selection to choose from, I recommend going for the Special Assorted Sushi (P675)

Special Assorted Sushi of Botejyu Restaurant

However, I personally suggest that you go for the Special Assorted Sashimi - 5 Kinds (P765) instead, because this I believe maximizes the value of your money. You get fresh slices of scallops, salmon, tuna, shrimp and kani. Of course, if it's within your budget, why not have the assorted sushi as well? 

Special Assorted Sashimi - 5 Kinds

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki

One of the main reasons why I'm claiming Botejyu as a one-stop show because they also offer takoyaki. It is very rare to find Japanese restaurants including this as part of their menu, hence it brings so much joy knowing that you can have them here in Botejyu. Plus, you get to customize or pick the takoyaki that suits your taste buds. However, if you are in the mood for exploration. Try this All-Star Takoyaki (P255) which features 6 different kinds of their special takoyakis. 

All-Star Takoyaki of Botejyu Philippines

One variation of a takoyaki, but almost shares the similar overall is okonomiyaki. Rather than being served in a bite-sized ball shapes, they are served pancake-size. You can have the traditional okonomiyaki here in Botejyu, but what you may want to explore is this Premium Mix Okosoba (P535) which is a combination of okonomiyaki and yakisoba. Yes, 2-in-1. Why be basic? Go for the extra mile. 

Premium Mix Okosoba of Botejyu, Philippines

Ramen, Gyoza, Karaage and Tempura

The four mentioned dishes are what I normally coin as the "Japanese Staples". Again, it's very surprising to see Japanese restaurants that include ramen as part of their offerings. Normally, we see specialized stores such as Ramen Nagi, Ipuddo and the likes, focusing only on the ramen, and along with a few sides, and that's it. Hence, it's very surprising to see Botejyu including this in its well-curated menu.

Pork Tonkotsu Ramen of Botejyu Japanese Restaurant

Botejyu's take on ramen is slightly different, but very distinct on its own. It comes with this fatty-creamy broth that delivers this rich umami flavors. The noodles is personally something I'd like to be different (i.e. the thinner and whiter ones), but it still works well with the overall dish. Ramen dishes here in Botejyu range from P425 to P525 per bowl. 

Teppan Grilled Pork Gyoza of Botejyu Philippines

It's very much common to order both a gyoza (P210), and chicken karaage (P285) to pair up with the ramen, and thankfully they also serve it here. I very much suggest that you try the gyoza because it's very crisp yet juicy in the inside. A personal favorite!

Chicken Karaage of Botejyu Philippines

Alternatively, instead of the karaage, you may want to go for the Prawn Tempura Platter (P340), gives you the same playful crunch but this time with fresh seafood goodness! I personally find the price of the tempura here more reasonable than other Japanese restaurants, so it's a steal for me. 

Prawn Tempura Platter - Botejyu Japanese Restaurant

Rice Bowls and Yakisoba

Rice-lovers shall rejoice here in Botejyu because they also have specialty dishes that anchor on rice. The Grilled BBQ Pork Rice Bowl Hokkaido Style (P325) is a great start as it features a well balanced meal -- savory char-flavored pork with a mix of greens. 

Grilled BBQ Pork Rice Bowl Hokkaido Style

There are a few other rice dishes spread out in the menu of Botejyu such as curry rice and other rice toppings, but one easter egg is the Garlic Friend Rice with Bacon & Egg (P195). Yes, the simplicity of how it looks is very much deceiving. However, once you take a bite of the rice, flavors explode with this deep savory fried goodness that is further enhanced by the crunch from portions that were toasted. Oh, of course the bacon that comes with it is the icing on the cake. 

Garlic Friend Rice with Bacon & Egg - Botejyu

Botejyu loves to combine Japanese traditional dishes. This Premium Mix Omusoba (P515) is the fusion of two classics - omurice and yakisoba. Gives you the best of both worlds of the two. 

Premium Mix Omusoba - fusion of Omurice and Yakisoba

Providing variation is something Botejyu also loves to dabble onto. Hence, they are giving you lots of ways to enjoy the classic yakisoba. Earlier you saw the Okosoba, then we had the omusoba. Now, we have a slightly more straightforward one, which is this Premium Mix Moonlight-Egg Yakisoba (P525). It also served on a sizzling plate which ensures that the fried noodles are at their optimum temperature. 

Premium Mix Moonlight-Egg Yakisoba of Botejyu Philippines

The Non-Traditionals

If you are the type of person who just got dragged because the family democratically voted for the restaurant, fret not because you still have a couple of dishes to choose from. Take for example this Premium Mix Pizza Toast Tokyo Style (P170). Pizza in a Japanese restaurant? Yes, you are seeing it right. 

Premium Mix Pizza Toast Tokyo Style

You may also want to go for the special buns, which have two (2) variations. The Fried Chicken Bun and the Grilled BBQ Pork Bun both priced at P125 per bun. Also, if you are carbo-loading for that day, the buns also go well with the ramen as it gives a textural variation (i.e. the bun) yet still giving you additional layer of flavors from the meat. 

Fried Chicken Bun - BotejyuGrilled BBQ Pork Bun - Botejyu

Top 3 Recommendation in Botejyu
Now before I cap off this blog post, I'd be naming my top three (3) favorites here in Botejyu. 
  1. The takoyaki, of any kind, here in Botejyu is excellent. It comes with real tako (i.e. octopus)
  2. The gyoza's crisp-and-juicy combination is simply a winner. 
  3. The bacon & egg was such a surprise that I have to include it in the list

So, there you have it? How about you, what dish/es caught your attention? Feel free to share. 

Whatever your craving is, Botejyu has something to offer. This might explain why this restaurant has elevated to become a one-stop restaurant for those craving Japanese food. Ready to explore and dig in? Visit the Botejyu branch nearest you! 

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