Byrd Tubs - Inasal and Char Siu Chicken, Metro Manila Delivery

Byrd Tubs - Inasal and Char Siu Chicken, Metro Manila Delivery

If you are thinking of having a feast at home that would be easy and convenient, you may want to check out the chicken-and-rice tub collection of Byrd Tubs. This was what my sister did when she felt like treating the family with some comfort food. All we needed to do was to literally dig into the tub, and voila instead feast! 

In this blog post, I'll be sharing about two (2) of its dishes - Chicken Inasal and Char Siu

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Four marinated and roasted barbecue chicken thighs with sauteed bokchoy and lap cheong egg fried rice. Good for 3-4 pax.

Char Siu Chicken Tubs of Byrd Tubs, Manila

The Char Siu Chicken (P900) works best for those with sweet tooth, and at the same time to those who appreciate dishes with some kind of char-grilled smokiness to it. The taste is oriental yet very much appealing to our Filipino taste buds. However, what further accentuates this dish are the sauces that come with it giving it bolder sweet-savory goodness.

Plated Char Siu Chicken Tubs of Byrd Tubs

Chicken breast and boneless leg quarters marinated in a vat of lemongrass and spices, grilled then basted with annatto oil. It is served with java garlic rice and Byrd Tub's signature tanglad chili sauce. An order comes with soy vinegar, calamansi and red birds eye chili. Good for 3-4 pax.

Chicken Inasal Tub of Byrd Tub

The Chicken Inasal Tub (P900) is an extra savory treat! Both the rice and the chicken themselves have explosive goodness that bursts as soon as you take a bite. The richness of the taste also seeped deep into the fibers of the chicken contributing to that explosiveness.

A serving of Byrd Tub's Chicken Inasal

I'd also like to share to you the beauty of ordering more than one (1) tub. By doing such, it allows you to mix and match. For example, you may pair the Chicken Inasal with the rice from the Char Siu giving you a different experience altogether. You're buds will surely be in a lot of adventure!

Should you feel the cravings right now, you may check out their shop here - Byrd Tubs Order Online. Note that they easily sell-out, so it's best to book in advance. You may also check out their IG page, since they normally announce there when they open up more slots.

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