Yomie's Refreshingly Creamy and Fresh Yogurt Drink

Yomie's Refreshingly Creamy and Fresh Yogurt Drink

I have a gut feel that milk tea days have already passed, as people may now be at the saturation point. Now, I'll make a guess that perhaps the next craze will be yogurt drinks. 

Yogurt has once became a trend back in 2010, and maybe it's bound to make a come back in a form of drink. Well, why not? It's refreshing and relatively healthier (providing good bacteria for better digestion). Hence, here I am about to share the best yogurt drink I tasted to date (although I've only tried 3 brands so far) - Yomie's.  

Yomie Rice x Yogurt - Manila, Philippines

Why Yomie?
I'll keep it simple, and just a make a list to better illustrate it:
  • Rightly sweet
  • Ice is well blended giving a smooth and creamy texture
  • Fruits are fresh and naturally sweet

Yomie's Fresh Yogurt Drinks - For Delivery

There are currently two (2) branches of Yomie, one in Banawe and one in Newport. The Banawe Branch is found in Grab, while the one in Newport can be via pabili (i.e. you personally book a driver to pick your orders).

Fresh Yogurt Drinks of Yomie, Metro Manila, Delivery

I was able to try four (4) flavors, which I have my sister to thank for. 
  • Pure Jujube Yogurt (P154) - grainy texture but with honey-like sweetness
  • Mango Yogurt (P176) - when they say fresh fruits, they are definitely not kidding. And also, check out the photo above, just look at the proportion of that mango 
  • Straw To My Berry (P198) - strawberry bits with more of the sweet berry taste (less of the sour fruitiness), smooth and creamy overall, melts in the mouth
  • Pure Red Bean Yogurt (P154) - grainy as well with refreshing flavor of the red bean!

Yomie's Strawberry Yogurt Drink

Hands down to this drink, and again, this is currently my top favorite among all the yogurt drinks I tasted. If you feel like ordering, you can check it out in Grab Food, or check out their FB page.

“It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, I feel good, and no one's gonna stop me now” -Freddie Mercury Feel great...

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