Soy Bueno's Delicious Taho Tub for Metro Manila Delivery

Soy Bueno's Taho Tub for Metro Manila Delivery

Getting taho was previously very convenient for us, since every morning there was someone who would come here in the compound to sell freshly made taho. This changed ever since the pandemic started, and we often found ourselves craving for this pinoy delicacy. 

Months into the quarantine, and we couldn't find anything that fixes this craving. We did find one after a couple of months, but the quality was not good. In fact, this just made us crave for it even more. Finally, we were able to discover Soy Bueno, and it worked wonders! 

Soy Bueno Taho Tub for Delivery

Soy Bueno offers its Taho Tub at P180 for 1 liter which can produce about 4-8 servings (depends on the glass / cup size), and P360 for 2 liters (which is what we ordered and shown in the photos). 

Storage Tips on Taho Tub - Soy Bueno

The Taho Tub comes into three different components: (1) the taho itself, (2) the arnibal / syrup and (3) the sago. When delivered, the taho is still freshly hot, so you may want to dig in as soon as it arrives to maximize the eating pleasure. 

However, if you choose to consume it later, there's going to be no problem. You can store it in a fridge, and just reheat it up after. Actually, this is what we did, and even after reheating it was able to retain its smooth and silky texture. That's a good sign of quality, right? 

Taho Tub of Soy Bueno

Alright, speaking of the taho itself, I'd like to commend the texture and its freshness. I think these photos will somehow give you an idea of how smooth the taho is. It even jiggles when you shake it up. 

Taho Tub of Soy Bueno

As a fellow taho-enthusiast, you would know that it's not enough that the taho (or soy pudding) is silky and smooth. The syrup should likewise be as good. Thankfully, Soy Bueno's arnibal is! It was rightly sweet with hints of some citrus essence making it irresistibly good.

Taho of Soy Bueno

Completing the trilogy is the sago, and Soy Bueno once again got it all right with the softness of these playful balls. Even when refrigerated, the sago retains their tenderness, so that really made us like it even more.

Lastly, since you'll be the one to prepare your own taho, you have full control over how you like it to be. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, by all means, pour more arnibal into your cup / glass. Want something with lots of chewing involved? Then, pour more of the sago! 

A glass of Soy Bueno taho

Anyway, here's a cup I prepared for myself. It was definitely satisfying, and we'll definitely order soon. 

I just did a quick search and found out that Soy Bueno has their own website to handle orders and delivery. Dive into this extremely indulging comfort pinoy food. Here's the website if you are interested:

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