Melonpan's Savory Sandwich and Thirst Quenching Drinks - Delivery Review

Melonpan's Savory Sandwich and Thirst Quenching Drinks - Delivery Review

Melonpan goes beyond ice cream sandwiches with the introduction of a new savory invention - Kani Tamago Melonpan.  In this blog post, we're going to learn how satisfying it is, and how it perfectly goes well with their thirst-quenching tea series! 

Refreshing and Thirst-Quenching Drinks of Melonpan

I'll keep up the suspense first by jumping into the tea series which has 5 choices within the line up. I was able to try 3 of them, but you can check out the entire collection by browsing near the end of this post.

Note: All prices listed here are the ones found in the GrabFood app as of October 2020.

Yuzu Tea Iced of Melonpan Philippines

First one up is the Yuzu Tea Iced (P120) which for me is the most refreshing drink among the three that I tried. This is characterized by a citrusy goodness with pulps and bits of the fruit, giving it a mouthy feel. 

Iced Matcha Tea of Melonpan Philippines

The Iced Matcha Tea (P120) was rightly sweet allowing me to divert my attention to the matcha flavor, and I personally love drinks that are not too sweet. Among the three, this was the least sweet.

Japanese Apricot Tea of Melonpan Philippines

The Japanese Apricot Tea (P120) was peachy with a subtle nutty taste giving it an interesting tickle in the buds. Definitely refreshing as well! 

Alright, so I've kept you hanging for so long, so let's now proceed to the main event - the Kani Tamago Melonpan.

Kani Tamago Melonpan

Kani Tamago Melonpan (P250) is served with heaping amounts of kani (which is very true), tamago (subtly felt), ebiko and their special tangy sauce in between their signature freshly-baked melonpans

After I took out the sandwich out of the its box, the first thing I noticed was its wonderful aesthetics . One look, and you could immediately tell that it's going to be fresh and tasty! 

While the melopan is normally used for its ice cream sandwiches, the use of the same bread was a genius innovation. The sweet-crispness of the melonpan blends fantastically well with the tangy sauce wrapping the mixture of kani, tamago and ebiko. This gives it a playful pull-and-push of the flavors.

Kani Tamago Melonpan - a must-try sandwich from Melonpan Philippines

I sliced up the sandwich so you can see how hefty the kani really is. Hands-down. It's really a stress-and-hunger-busting meal. I'd also say that it's pretty one of a kind.

Make your afternoon refreshing with this delectable snack and thirst-quenching drinks from Melonpan! I'm sharing their IG below for your quick reference, and luckily you can easily order via GrabFood

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